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# $EPIC: save.txt,v 1.3 2007/02/17 18:41:08 jnelson Exp $


load save
save -append -alias -assign -bind -notify -on -server -set -all filename


The save command marshalls your configuration into a string and writes it to a file so it can be restored later by loading it.

Normally the save command will delete the filename before writing to it, unless you specify the optional -append flag.

The save command can only save one thing at a time:

Flag What it saves
-alias All of your aliases
-assign All of your assign global variables
-bind All of your key bindings
-notify All of your notify nicknames
-on All of your on event callback hooks
-server The servers on your server list
-set All of your set configuration values
-all All of the above at once

You can restore the saved settings by loading the file you saved to.


The save script was written for EPIC5 by blackjac, to replace the builtin save command.

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