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load [-args] <file> [<file> …]


The load command runs blocks of code from a file. When you start up the client, it loads your ~/.epicrc file (assuming you didn't use the -q command line option.

Each <file> is searched for each of the directories in the colon-separated set load_path variable. <file> can be an absolute pathname, or it can start with a tilde, and the client does tilde expansion.

Loading using relative paths with sub-directories

   //load subdir/foo

is currently supported but may not work the same way in the future, so its use is discouraged. Better to add “subdir” to the load_path and load foo directly.

There are actually two loaders, the standard loader and the pf loader. The standard loader is the legacy loader and is used by most epic4 and all ircII/bx scripts. Its use is discouraged. The pf loader is supported in epic4 and epic5, but not in bx and ircII.

Other Notes:

A large collection of sample scripts is included with the client. Refer to Section 8, the Script Library, for more information.

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