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Please see the UPDATES file that comes with the source code for documentation that hasn't made it onto the website yet.

2016-02-13 -- New EPIC5 -- EPIC5-2.0

EPIC5-2.0 was released on February 13, 2016

2014-04-13 -- New EPIC5 -- EPIC5-1.1.10

EPIC5-1.1.10 (commit id 1798) was released April 13, 2014. (The release of EPIC5-1.1.9 was withdrawn because of a serious bug.) The changes include:

  • An $encodingctl() function which gives low-level control over /ENCODING rules.
  • The $fix_width() function, which never worked quite as advertised, has now been written so it does.
  • Most string manipulation functions are fully UTF8 aware, and the basic unit of counting is a single codepoint.
  • /XTYPE -L, $[num]var (pad/truncate) and /FEC are all UTF-8 aware
  • Case sensitivity is UTF8 aware, which means things like == and $rmatch() will work even for non-English text (if your locale supports this)
  • For the most part, substantially all of the scripting environment is fully UTF-8 enabled. yay!

2014-04-04 -- New EPIC5 -- EPIC5-1.1.8

EPIC5-1.1.8 (commit id 1775) was released on April 4, 2014. The changes include:

  • Complete UTF-8 support, both for the console, scripts, and for messages sent/received via IRC.
  • Unlimited ability to recode messages in any encoding to/from IRC.
  • 256 color support.
  • String manipulation functions (like $mid() and $split()) are fully UTF-8 aware.
  • Lots of other things!

2014-03-31 -- New EPIC4 -- EPIC4-2.10.5

EPIC4-2.10.5 (commit id 779) was released on March 31, 2014. This change is full support for Maildir, contributed by Jari Turkia (thanks!)

2014-02-11 -- New EPIC4 -- EPIC4-2.10.4

EPIC4-2.10.4 (commit id 778) was released on February 11, 2014. The changes include:

  • A new script “unicode” from |Rain|
  • Fixed support for $(IP) from EPIC5 for the convenience of FreeBSD porters.
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