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# $EPIC: paste.txt,v 1.2 2007/02/20 02:39:55 jnelson Exp $


load paste
set paste ON|OFF|TOGGLE
set paste_strip ON|OFF|TOGGLE
set paste_delay number
bind ^P { set paste toggle }


When you /SET PASTE ON, everything you type at the input prompt is taken to be literal text that you're pasting and it is sent to your current target without any interpretation by the client. This means you can paste things like C code with comments, or ircII code without the client interpreting your paste as commands. When you /SET PASTE OFF, everything goes back to normal. The default is OFF.

Because it is theoretically possible for you to get stuck into paste mode, where you would be unable to /SET PASTE OFF, there are two ways out of “paste mode”. The ^P (control-P) key binding will toggle the paste mode, turning it off if it is on (and turning it on if it is off…). The “paste mode” feature also turns itself off after a short delay, which you can control with /SET PASTE_DELAY. The default paste delay is 30 seconds.

Anguzhawk, who asked me for this script originally, also wanted to able to strip off leading whitespace on pre-formatted text that he was pasting. If you /SET PASTE_STRIP ON, then the client will remove all leading whitespace from any text you paste. If you /SET PASTE_STRIP OFF, everything goes back to normal. The default is OFF.


The paste script first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.13.

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