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xdebug [<+|→<option>] block


This intentionally undocumented command provides access to developmental, incomplete, broken, or debugging features. These features are intended for internal development use and are unsafe to use unless you are told otherwise.

The only complete documentation for this command is found in the source code, and maybe in if you're lucky.

If no arguments are specified, xdebug shows all of the xdebug options.

xdebug options are subject to change at any time and without any advance notice.

xdebug options can and probably will break your client. The use of xdebug results in expressly undefined behavior. You Have Been Warned.

The xdebug inbound and outbound options allow you to monitor the client's interaction with the server. This is potentially useful for debugging scripts, and will probably not go away anytime soon.

The xdebug dword option allows you to turn on double quoted word support which is experimental at this time, but will be officially supported soon.

The xdebug command optionally takes a block of code. When you do this, the xdebug option is turned on, the block of code is executed, and then the original xdebug value is restored. This is a way to temporarily ensure a value is turned on without having to save + restore the old value.

You cannot permanently turn on an xdebug option if you use the block form, even if you do xdebug within the block, sorry.

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