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# $EPIC: version_function.txt,v 1.4 2007/02/13 06:05:45 jnelson Exp $


$version(<server desc>)


This function is obsolete. Back when scripters had to deal with a wide variety of incomaptable servers, such as 2.7 (pre-rfc), 2.8 (rfc), u2.8 (undernet), 2.9 (ircnet), u2.9 (ts-undernet), and so forth, it was necessary for scripters to adapt their behavior based on the server type they were using.

As the number of server classes multiplied, and the mainstream servers matured, the 005 (“capability”) system was invented that mooted the need to know what server class you were using. The server now tells you what features it supports, and the scripts work directly off of that.


This function should not be used in any new scripts. EPIC5 does not support and does not work with 2.7 servers, so it's assumed that all servers at least are pretending to be 2.8-class servers.

If you need to know the exact version string, use serverctl(GET <serverdesc> VERSION).

If you need to know if a server supports a certain capability, use serverct(GET <serverdesc> 005 <capability>)


Always returns the string “2.8”


The version function first appeared in EPIC2pre3 The version function was deprecated in EPIC5-0.0.2

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