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squit <server|mask> <comment>


This command is used to send a server quit command to another server. Due to the way some servers present themselves on the network, a wildcard mask may be specified for the server to SQUIT. This is generally used in conjunction with CONNECT, for re-routing the network.

This command should never ever be used for personal vendettas!


To squit

    /squit re-routing

To squit all of Australia, which is hidden behind a server mask:

    /squit *.au why is iceland routing aus?


This command is limited to irc operators, for reasons that should be obvious.

Other Notes:

Care must be taken when SQUITing a server mask. The local server will send the SQUIT to the first server it finds that matches the mask, and it may not be the intended server if the mask is too general. It is best to avoid masks when possible.

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