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# $EPIC: reconnect_command.txt,v 1.3 2007/02/13 06:05:45 jnelson Exp $


reconnect [<server> [<reason>]]


If you do not specify <server>, the current server is used.

If you want to specify <reason> then you must specify the server. Use $serverctl(FROM_SERVER) to indicate the current server.

The RECONNECT command will not reconnect to a server that is open and connected to IRC. You must do a disconnect first. This is a fail-safe to prevent you from thrashing on a server (and possibly getting banned).

The RECONNECT command resets a server's state to its initial setting – so it will automatically connect to the server if any windows are connected to it.

This operation is strictly related to managing a server's operating state. If you're interested in reconnecting after a socket loss, or rejoining channels, check out the reconnect script.


The reconnect command first appeared in “plus-3” (post-ircII, pre-EPIC)

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