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on [<modes>]send_to_server [<serial#>] [-|^]<match> { <action> }


This hook, when set, is triggered whenever the client sends data to the server that matches the hook. It is useful for catching raw messages destined for the server and redefining them. One such use is with DCC, as it offers no convenient way to send a raw request. By using the silent mode, the default action (sending data to the server) is suppressed, allowing any arbitrary command to be replaced.

When this hook is defined, it causes the client to monitor all traffic to the server, making it somewhat resource intensive. It is recommended that it be used sparingly. Caution should be used, as it is easy to put the client into an infinite loop with this hook.


$0 reference number of the target server
$1 Unix file descriptor of the server connection
$2- text to be sent to the server


To change how a DCC handshake is made (on the sending side):

 on ^send_to_server "% % % PRIVMSG % :$chr(1)DCC*" {
    quote PRIVMSG $4 :$chr(1)SECRET_DCC $6-
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