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# $EPIC: mask.txt,v 1.4 2009/05/27 18:36:41 zwhite Exp $


$mask(<type> <address>) $mask(<address> <type>)


In the second usage case, the <address> argument is a dword, which is different from most function arguments. In the first usage case, the <address> argument is not a dword!

This function returns <address> in a wildcard mask according to the type specified by <type>. The mask types are defined in the following table:

  <type>     <address> has a hostname       <address> has an ip
    0            *!u@h.d                        *!u@d.h
    1            *!*u@h.d                       *!*u@d.h
    2            *!*@h.d                        *!*@d.h
    3            *!*u@*.d                       *!*u@d.*
    4            *!*@*.d                        *!*@d.*
    5            n!u@h.d                        n!u@d.h
    6            n!*u@h.d                       n!*u@d.h
    7            n!*@h.d                        n!*@d.h
    8            n!*u@*.d                       n!*u@d.*
    9            n!*@*.d                        n!*@d.*
    10           *!*@h.d                        *!*@d.*
    *11          *!*u@h.d                       *!*u@d.*
    *12          n!*@h.d                        n!*@d.*
    *13          n!*u@h.d                       n!*u@d.*

where n=nick, u=user, h=host, and d=domain

With the following modifications: In the ``local'' portion of the hostname, all sequence of numbers are substituted with a single '*'. In the username, leading ~'s are also substituted with a single '*'.

NOTE: Types marked with an asterisk (*) are not currently (as of epic5 1.0) implemented and will always return an empty string. They are expected to be implemented in a future release of epic5.


<address> in a wildcard mask according to <type>


$mask(3 foo!              returns: *!*bar@*
$mask(10 nick! returns: *!*@ppp-*-*-*-*

Other Notes:

This function strips all tildes ('~') from the left of the username. For script writers, this means that in mask types 0 and 5, the function is *NOT* guaranteed to produce a mask matching the given address. If a script is to use these types, they should expect tildes to be stripped and be able to act accordingly.

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