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# $EPIC: levelwindow.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/01 04:11:44 sthalik Exp $


$levelwindow(<server refnum> <lastlog level descriptions>)


  • <server refnum> is, well, a server refnum (reference number)
  • <lastlog level descriptions> is of the same format as /WINDOW LEVEL
  • Only windows connected to the specified server are considered
  • The return value is the window refnum of one of the windows connected to <server refnum> that has one or more of the level descriptions.
  • To avoid ambiguity, it's best that <lastlog level descriptions> only include one level. If you do $levelwindow(0 MSGS,PUBLIC), and MSGS and PUBLIC are different windows, you can't be sure which window you will get.
  • If no windows for the server claim any of the level descriptions, then the return value is -1. This is not as unusual as it might sound. Many script packs set all window's levels to NONE. This function would not be very useful in that kind of situation.
  • Since the DCC lastlog level is global, it is handled specially. The server refnum argument is ignored and any window refnum that has the DCC level is returned.


This function can be used to figure out which window that an /xecho -level <level> …. will go to.


The refnum for the window that claims any of the lastlog level descriptions for the server specified. -1 if no window can be found that claims the level(s).


$levelwindow(1 NOTICE)         Returns the NOTICE window for server 1
$levelwindow(0 MSGS,PUBLIC)    Would return either the MSGS window
                               or the PUBLIC window, but you can't
                               be sure which.


This function first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.12

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