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# $EPIC: isconnected.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/01 03:40:36 sthalik Exp $




This function tells you whether you have an active IRC protocol session with a server. This means you can send IRC commands to the server and expect it to respond. This corresponds to the server states SYNCING and ACTIVE.

This returns the same value as $serverctl(GET <server_refnum> CONNECTED)

If you don't provide a refnum, the current server ($serverctl(FROM_SERVER)) is used.


Return value Explanation
1 <server_refnum> is usable for your IRC commands
0 <server_refnum> is not valid, or it is not connected to an IRC server


if (isconnected(1)) {
    msg someone Hi There!;away I am away! Whee!
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