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# $EPIC: fix_arglist.txt,v 1.2 2007/02/24 18:09:11 jnelson Exp $



Given an arglist that may contain errors, this function guarantees to return a string that can be used as an arglist. Because the insides of parenthesis are protected from expansion, you would still need to escape the parenthesis that must surround the arglist


alias oofda \($fix_arglist(channel ooga, boooya)\) {
	echo $channel, $booya

Note that the parenthesis surrounding the arglist are backslashed, because otherwise the insides are literal text and the call to fix_arglist would not occur. Note that parenthesis are not included in the call to fix_arglist but are included outside of it.


This function first appeared in epic5-0.0.3

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