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ctcp <target> utc <time value>


This “inline” CTCP request includes a timestamp as the argument. This timestamp is the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch, the same as is used by the PING command. The receiver's client will expand the timestamp to the receiver's own locale-dependent time representation.

Older clients have been vulnerable to bugs that crashed when this ctcp was supplied with a maliciously crafted <time value>, so if you try to use this feature with a stranger, they will probably assume you are attacking them and will react with hostility.


Let's say that you wanted to tell another user when you went away. When they send you a message, you send a notice back which includes the UTC of your departure:

alias away {if (@) {@away_time=time()};//away}
on #^msg -1 * {if (A) {notice $0 Away since ^AUTC $away_time^A}}

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