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Compile-Time Options Available for EPIC

EPIC supports numerous configuration options that may be selectively included or excluded from the client at compile time. Since many of these enable or disable certain special features, it is useful to script writers to be able to find out what options are present while the client is running.

The $info() function, used with the `O' command (`oh', not `zero'), will return a text string that represents these options. Each option is assigned unique letter or number to identify it. The options represented are most of the #define options in the client's config.h file. The default settings would produce the following string: 2cefgnxz

This is a list of the #define options represented. The letter designating each option is listed, followed by its #define name, and whether it is enabled or disabled by default in the config.h.

$info() Name Default Description
a WIND_STACK (always) Local variables are supported
b NO_BOTS (disabled) The -b command line option is not available
c COLOR (always) Color codes are supported
e EXEC_COMMAND (enabled) The exec command is available
f USE_FLOW_CONTROL (enabled) Hardware flow control is turned on
g INCLUDE_GLOB_FUNCTION (always) The glob function is available
h IMPLIED_ON_HOOKS (enabled) You can set implied on hooks
i MIRC_BROKEN_DCC_RESUME (enabled) DCC RESUME is supported
k HACKED_DCC_WARNING (disabled) The hostname of a dcc offer is matched against the irc hostname of the sender
l LONG_LONG (depends) Client supports 64 bit integers
n ALLOW_LONG_NICKNAMES (always) Nicknames can be the full length of what the server supports
t I_DONT_TRUST_MY_USERS (disabled) Prohibit sending of files starting with /etc or ending with /passwd, if your users are both untrustworthy, and complete morons.
u UNAME_HACK (disabled) Don't include the real OS name in ctcp version
x EXPERIMENTAL_STACK_HACK (always) Doing /STACK PUSH of an undefined assign/alias/set/on pushes an empty value placeholder instead of failing silently
z ALLOW_STOP_IRC (always) The bind stop_irc keybinding is available
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