About DarkStar


DarkStar is a modular script pack and scripting framework for the EPIC5 IRC client. It is highly extensible and includes a module loading system, theme support, advanced tab completion, nick management and more. The modular design offers many benefits and allows for a very high level of customization. While it has been designed with power users and other scripters in mind, it still provides a nice environment for all types of users right out of the box.


The only requirement is EPIC5-0.3 or higher. This script pack will NOT work correctly with EPIC4 or older clients. You have been warned.

EPIC5-1.1.2 is the latest version of EPIC5 at this time. It is recommended that all users run this version.


The current development tree for DarkStar is also available via CVS for those people that are interested in tracking the latest changes. I make no promises about the stability of what's here, but it is usually pretty safe.

All releases and snapshots include CVS files so if you have previously downloaded a version of DarkStar you can probably skip the checkout stuff.

The following will checkout the entire tree. You should use this if you do not already have an older version.

  • CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@epicsol.org:/home/cvs/repository
  • export CVSROOT
  • cvs login   (Password is "anoncvs")
  • cvs checkout darkstar

After you have done a checkout all that's required to update your tree is typing the following commands. You should only have to login once, ever.

  • cd darkstar/
  • cvs update -dP

There is also a handy web interface to the CVS repository that you can browse by going here.