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 +# $EPIC: window_notify_name.txt,​v 1.4 2008/07/28 05:15:51 jnelson Exp $
 +[[window]] notify_name
 +In all ircII clients, when a window has a notification event
 +(see [[WINDOW NOTIFY]]), the window'​s refnum is added to the %F status
 +line expando.  ​
 +The client also has a %{1}F status line expando which contains the first
 +appropriate value of:
 +  - The window'​s "​notify_name"​
 +  - The window'​s name
 +  - The window'​s refnum
 +You can set the window'​s notify_name with [[window notify_name]]
 +This feature is used by scripts that emulate irssi'​s color-based
 +window notification system.
 +This operation first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.3.
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