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 +# $EPIC: window_next.txt,​v 1.3 2006/08/20 18:32:13 sthalik Exp $
 +[[window]] next
 +This swaps the current window with the next higher numbered hidden window.
 +Windows are numbers sequentially,​ so if the current window is 2, this 
 +command will look for the lowest hidden window refnum greater than 2.
 +If there is no hidden window with a greater refnum, it will wrap around ​
 +and use the lowest hidden window refnum.
 +This always [[window swap|swaps]] windows. ​ So if you do not have a hidden ​
 +window, then it will fail with the error "There are no hidden windows"​
 +This is the command that underlies the 
 +[[bind swap_next_window|swap_next_window]] keybinding.
 +If you want to cycle through your visible windows, use the 
 +[[bind next_window|next_window]] keybinding.
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