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 +# $EPIC: who.txt,v 1.3 2008/07/28 05:15:51 jnelson Exp $
 +__who__ [<​option>​ ...] [<​target|pattern>​]
 +The __WHO__ command queries detailed information about a target or
 +wildcard pattern. ​ For each user it will return a single line containing
 +their nickname, userhost address, realname (IRCNAME), their current
 +channel (if it is public), whether they are a chanop or chanvoice there,
 +whether they are here or gone, and whether they are an irc operator.
 +The __WHO__ command uses the same rules as [[NAMES]] and [[LIST]] to
 +determine which users will be returned. ​ Invisible users will never be
 +returned, and users on secret or private channels are never returned.
 +Notwithstanding this, if you are on the same channel as someone else,
 +they will be returned.
 +The client can do client-side filtering, to reduce the number of users shown.
 +Undernet and Dalnet each have (incompatible) server-side filtering.
 +Options may be abbreviated,​ so long as they are not ambiguous.
 +If you specify any unrecognized options, the entire request is aborted.
 +   - Universal server-side filtering options:
 +  -oper     Show only irc operators
 +     Only one of the following options may be used in each request:
 +  -host <​hostname> ​       Show only users from this host
 +  -server <​servername> ​ Show only users on this server
 +  -name <​username> ​ Show only users with this username
 +  -realname <​username> ​ Show only users with this IRCNAME
 +  -nick <​nickname> ​       Show only users with this nickname
 +   - Undernet-specific server-side filtering options:
 +   ​-u-i ​     Show invisible users (restricted to opers)
 +   ​-ux ​      Send an "​Undernet Extended"​ who request
 +        (Cannot be used with any other options)
 +   - Dalnet-specific server-side filtering options:
 +   ​-dx ​    Send a "​Dalnet Extended"​ who request
 +           ​(Cannot be used with any other options)
 +   - Client-side filtering options:
 +  -lusers ​                Show only non-operators
 +  -chops ​                 Show only channel operators
 +  -nochops ​   Show only non-channel operators
 +  -here     Show only non-away users
 +  -away     Show only away users
 +    - Reply processing:
 +  -line {...}   ​Execute the code for each line and DO NOT
 +        hook /on WHO.
 +    The parameters to -line are exactly the same as the
 +    parameters to [[ON WHO]].
 +  -end {...}    Execute the code for the last line and DO 
 +        NOT hook /on 315.
 +    The parameters to -end are as follows:
 +      $0   name of server queried
 +      $1   body of the query
 +   - Debugging:
 +  -literal ​   Send a query exactly as specified to the 
 +        server with no client processing of the
 +        request. ​ (Cannot be used with other options)
 +  -flush ​     Flush the WHO queue (dangerous!)
 +  -diagnose ​  ​Display the WHO queue
 +To list all irc operators on servers from
 +      /who -o -s *
 +To list the channel operators on channel #blah, which you are on:
 +      /who -c #blah
 +To list all users from Russia, saving it to a file:
 +      /who -h *.ru -f ru.users
 +To list all non-opers and say something at the end:
 +      /who -lusers -end { echo sheesh. that's a lot of lusers! }
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