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 +======Using EPIC in Dumb Mode======
 +====What is dumb mode?=====
 +Dumb mode is a non-full screen interface, which you can turn on with the -d command line option.
 +In Dumb mode, EPIC reads from stdin, and writes to stdout. ​ This is suitable for use with external things, like screen readers.
 +You can do everything in dumb mode that you can do in full screen mode
 +====How do I start the client in dumb mode?====
 +At the command line 
 +    epic5 -d yournick
 +Where you provide a nickname for "​yournick"​ and you provide a server for "​"​.
 +I am assuming you already know what server you want to connect to.
 +====What if I need to use SSL?====
 +When you specify your server, you are actually supplying a bunch of colon separated fields.
 +You can specify multiple fields with their names
 +   epic5 -d yournick​port=6697:​type=IRC-SSL
 +Most SSL servers run on a different report (often 6697), and the only real magic here is "​type=IRC-SSL"​.
 +That tells EPIC that the server at "​​port=6697"​ uses SSL.
 +====How do I do stuff when I log on to irc?====
 +The first thing you need to know is that you can give instructions to epic in your ~/.epicrc file.
 +The very first line of your ~/.epicrc file should be
 +   load global
 +And then after that, can be anything you want (see the examples below)
 +====How do I msg nickserv when i connect to irc?====
 +EPIC's programming language is event-driven. ​ You can hook these events and run code when they happen.
 +Each time you connect to a server, a "​CONNECT"​ event is thrown. ​ You can hook it like this:
 +   on ^connect "​ 6697 *" {msg nickserv auth user@host mypass}
 +In this example, whenever you connect to an irc server named "​"​ on port 6697, you want to
 +msg a service called "​nickserv"​ with your nickserv credentials. ​ Naturally, you should change this to 
 +reflect the server'​s name and port you are using (on the command line). ​ You wouldn'​t want to msg a
 +bot on another network with your credentials!
 +====How do I join a channel each time I connect to a server?====
 +You can set up multiple hooks for the same event, as long as they use different serial numbers. ​ Serial numbers
 +are a way that epic figures out what order to run them in.  There are shortcuts for this.
 +   on #^connect + "​ 6697 *" {join #mychan}
 +Notice in this case, that before the word "​connect"​ is a hash (#).  This hash tells epic that this hook will use
 +a serial number. ​ The serial number in this case is the plus (+) which is a magic serial number that means "​pick ​
 +an unused serial number for me that is greater than 0"​. ​ By default, ONs will use serial number 0 (such as in our
 +first example).
 +====How can I do something when someone says my nick?====
 +There is an event that is thrown whenever someone sends you any kind of a PRIVMSG (either a direct message, or a
 +message to a channel). ​ Additionally,​ your nickname is $N.  So you can create a hook that does something if either
 +of these two things is true
 +   on #​^general_privmsg - * {if ([$1] == N] || [$2-] =~ [*$N*]) {exec beep_my_terminal}}
 +There are two new things you see here.  In this case, we used the serial number '​-'​ which means "pick any serial
 +number less than 0", and we have an /IF statement here.  This IF statement has two clauses -- one checks to see if 
 +$0 is your nickname (ie, it was sent to you), and the other checks to see if your nickname is contained in the message
 +(to pick up things like "​yournick:​ ..." in a channel). ​ Whenever either of these two things is true, it will run the
 +body of the IF statement, which is an /​EXEC. ​ /EXEC is how you run a shell command in epic.  Here we have it run the
 +"​beep_my_terminal"​ shell command. ​ But you could have it do anything you want.
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