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 +# $EPIC: urlencode.txt,​v 1.5 2009/08/29 23:21:45 jnelson Exp $
 +This function performs a rfc3986 transformation on <​text>​.
 +The rfc3986 transformation converts all bytes into percent format,
 +except bytes with the value 0x41-0x5A ("​A"​ - "​Z"​),​ 0x61-0x7A ("​a"​ - "​z"​),​
 +0x2D ("​-"​),​ or 0x5F ("​_"​).
 +The percent format substitutes three bytes of output for each byte of 
 +input. ​ The first byte is 0x25 ("​%"​),​ the last two bytes are the character
 +equivalent of the hexadecimal value of the input.
 +For example, a space is converted into the three bytes 0x25 0x32 0x30,
 +This conversion is popularly used to protect strange characters from 
 +mishandling in http requests.
 +Unfortunately,​ because everything in the client is done as a C string, you
 +cannot convert binary data using this method, since the convesion will stop
 +at the first nul (ascii 0).
 +The [[urldecode]] function does the reverse transformation.
 +This function has been superceded by [[xform]] which has a URL transform.
 +This can be used to mangle text passed to the /[[exec command|exec]]
 +command so that it does not contain dangerous meta-characters. ​ You
 +could also rename files sent via dcc.
 +The input <​text>​ with many punctuation marks substituted with
 +"url encoded"​ equivalents.
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