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 +# $EPIC: urldecode.txt,​v 1.4 2009/08/29 23:21:45 jnelson Exp $
 +This function performs the reverse-rfc3986 transformation on 
 +<​url-encoded-text>​. ​ Each byte of input in <​url-encoded-text>​ is 
 +copied to the output, except that when the 0x25 value ("​%"​) is found
 +followed by two hexidecimal digits (0-9 or A-F), those three
 +characters are converted into the corresponding byte.
 +For example, "​%20"​ in the <​url-encoded-text>​ is replaced with a space.
 +Unfortunately,​ because everything in the client is done as a C string, if
 +the <​url-encoded-text>​ contains a nul, or an encoded nul ("​%00"​),​ you won't
 +see any data after that point.
 +This function has been superceded by [[xform]] which has a URL transform.
 +This can be used to de-mangle text that has been passed through ​
 +The input <​url-encoded-text>​ with url-encoded-sequences substituted ​
 +for the equivalent punctuation mark.
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