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 +# $EPIC: uniq.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 17:37:08 sthalik Exp $
 +$__uniq__(<​word list>)
 +   * If the <word list> argument is omitted the empty string is returned.
 +   * In all circumstances,​ any extra whitespace between words in the word list is lost in the return value.
 +   * The implementation of this function is equivalent to:
 +  fe ($*) x {
 +    if (findw($x $function_return) == -1) {
 +      push function_return $x
 +    }
 +  }
 +   * This function uses a O(N^2) algorithm and can perform very slowly for large inputs.
 +This function returns all of the words in <word list> after all of 
 +the duplicates are removed.
 +list of the unique words in <word list>
 +$uniq(one two three two one)       ​returns "one two three"
 +$uniq(one ​   two three  two one)   ​returns "one two three"
 +$uniq(blah blah blah)              returns "​blah"​
 +This function first appeared in EPIC3.001.
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