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 +#$EPIC: trace.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 17:37:08 sthalik Exp $
 +__trace__ [<​server>​]
 +This asks your server to give you information about the route between
 +your server and the specified server. ​ It will show each server through
 +which a message would pass on its way from you to the remote server.
 +This command also will display active connections on the specified
 +server or the local server if no server is specified. Only server
 +operators will be able to see all the connections to a server,
 +normal users are shown a limited set which typically includes
 +server operators and other servers. See the restrictions and
 +privacy warnings below for more detail.
 +On many servers, server operators are notified when this command is used.
 +On almost all servers, this provides server operators with a way to see
 +all local users, regardless of the invisible user mode.
 +On many servers __TRACE__ is restricted to server operators only.
 +Where normal users are allowed to use the command, the output is
 +limited to showing active IRC operators and server-server connections.
 +__TRACE__ may also be subject to rate limiting and truncated replies
 +when used by normal users.
 +Remote __TRACE__ requests by server operators may receive the more limited
 +output traditionally reserved for normal users.
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