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 +# $EPIC: topic.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 17:37:08 sthalik Exp $
 +__topic__ ​      (to query topic in current channel) \\
 +__topic__ <​channel> ​    (to query topic in stated channel) \\
 +__topic__ -       (to unset topic in current channel) \\
 +__topic__ -<​channel> ​     (to unset topic in stated channel) \\
 +__topic__ <new topic> ​  (to set topic in current channel) \\
 +__topic__ <​channel>​ <new topic> (to set topic in stated channel)
 +Each irc channel may have a "topic of discussion"​ which is displayed ​
 +to new channel members when they join.  The "​topic"​ may be anything
 +at all, it does not have to actually be the topic of discussion.
 +The first two usage forms query the topic for a channel; generally you 
 +must be a member of a channel to query that channel'​s topic.
 +The second two usage forms unset the topic for a channel; this is 
 +nothing more than setting the topic of a channel to the empty string.
 +The channel "has no topic" after the topic is unset.
 +The last two usage forms set the topic for a channel.
 +The maximum length of channel topics is a server setting and as such,
 +varies from server to server. ​ A common limit is 80 characters.
 +If a channel has mode +t set, you must be a channel operator to set or
 +unset the channel topic. ​ All channel members can query the topic of a 
 +channel at all times.
 +Networks that support the TS (TimeStamp) protocol or TS-workalikes keep
 +the nick!user@host of the person who set the topic, and the time that 
 +the topic was set.  This is provided in a 333 server numeric.
 +To set a new topic on your channel:
 +      /topic #blah Welcome to #blah, a very serious channel.
 +      or
 +      /topic Welcome to #blah, a very serious channel.
 +To view the current topic for your channel:
 +      /topic #blah
 +      or
 +      /topic
 +To unset the topic for your channel:
 +      /topic -#blah
 +      or
 +      /topic -
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