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 +#$EPIC: stats.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 16:57:01 sthalik Exp $
 +__stats__ <​type>​ [<​server>​]
 +**IMPORTANT**:​ Review the restrictions and privacy sections below
 +before trying to use this command.
 +This asks the server for general purpose information. ​ Some of the
 +data you can request is statistical in nature, but not most of it.
 +The most common data to request is information about the server'​s
 +A "​O"​ operator (big O) is a "​global"​ operator; he appears as an operator
 +on every server on the network. ​ A "​o"​ operator (little o) is a "​local"​
 +operator; he appears as an operator only on his own server.
 +On ircnet servers, an "​I"​ line permits unrestricted access to incoming
 +client connections. ​ An "​i"​ line permits access to incoming clients but
 +automatically bestows upon them user mode +r, which restricts what they
 +can do.  See the [[MODE]] help page for more information.
 +__STATS__ options are not preceded by a hyphen!
 +|c   |C/N lines: A list of peer servers who may **C**onnect here.                     |
 +|h   |H/L lines: For each peer, whether they are a **H**ub or Leaf server. ​           |
 +|k   |K lines: A list of client userhosts who are auto-**k**illed (banned). ​          |
 +|i   |I lines: A list of permitted **I**ncoming client connections. ​                  |
 +|l   ​|Statistic:​ Number of bytes transfered between this server'​s peers. ​             |
 +|m   ​|Statistic:​ Usage counts for each protocol command. ​                             |
 +|o   |O lines: A list of clients permitted to become **O**perators. ​                  |
 +|u   ​|Statistic:​ Server "​uptime"​ (continual service time)                             |
 +|y   |Y lines: Special parameters governing each client and server connection. ​      |
 +|p   ​|Display active IRC operators with idle times. \\ (EFNet/​Dalnet only) Users without server operator status \\ should use this to find server operators, as \\ neither __STATS__ O or [[TRACE]] will \\ normally work on EFNet or Dalnet. ​      |
 +__STATS__ usage is reported to opers on many servers. On servers which
 +report STATS queries, you may be questioned about the purposed of
 +these queries, or, in some cases, immediately banned (K-lined) from
 +the server. Reporting of __STATS__ queries originated at a time where
 +__STATS__ was regularly used to flood servers. Most servers now
 +ratelimit or otherwise restrict such queries, however many still report
 +them to opers.
 +For many reasons, the use of this command is now restricted in some
 +way on most servers. Information about how a server is configured
 +can (and often is) used to abuse the server. __STATS__ queries often
 +generate a lot of output, so they were used in many cases to make
 +a server flood itself.
 +Restrictions you may encounter include:
 +    - Some or all queries restricted to server operators.
 +    - Some output restricted to server operators.
 +    - Rate limiting.
 +    - Restrictions on "​remote"​ queries - queries against servers other than the one you are on.
 +    - Notification to server operators. (see Privacy section above).
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +Many networks and server now support __STATS__ queries beyond those listed
 +here, however they are typically limited to server operators.
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