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 +__squit__ <​server|mask>​ <​comment>​
 +This command is used to send a server quit command to another server.
 +Due to the way some servers present themselves on the network, a
 +wildcard mask may be specified for the server to __SQUIT__. ​ This is
 +generally used in conjunction with [[connect command|CONNECT]],​ for
 +re-routing the network.
 +**This command should never ever be used for personal vendettas!**
 +To squit​
 +      /squit re-routing
 +To squit all of Australia, which is hidden behind a server mask:
 +      /squit *.au why is iceland routing aus?
 +This command is limited to irc operators, for reasons that should be
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +Care must be taken when __SQUIT__ing a server mask.  The local server will
 +send the __SQUIT__ to the first server it finds that matches the mask, and
 +it may not be the intended server if the mask is too general. ​ It is
 +best to avoid masks when possible.
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