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 +[[load]] [[slowcat]]
 +[[slowcat]] //​filename//​
 +The [[slowcat]] alias dumps a //​filename//​ to the window'​s current target
 +using the [[send]] command. ​ The file is dumped at a very slow rate, 2 lines
 +per second, to avoid the wrath of the server'​s flood control algorithms.
 +If you run this as a command at your input prompt, it is safe to change your
 +window while a slowcat is in progress.
 +You can only have one slowcat going at a time.  It is not recommended to 
 +run slowcat in an [[on]] to avoid running multiple slowcats at a time.
 +(Need to include a description of how the script works, for tutorial reasons)
 +[[Slowcat]] first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.3
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