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 +[[set]] mail_interval [<​seconds>​]
 +This setting controls how often the client checks your mbox for new
 +mail. The default value is 60 (at the top of every minute).
 +Previously, this value was not configurable and the client would just
 +check for new mail at the top of every minute. For some people, this
 +was far too often, and for others, it was not nearly often enough.
 +Now you can control exactly how often your mbox is checked with this
 +/[[SET]]. Please remember that redrawing your status bar no longer rechecks
 +your mail; what you see on your status bar is cached and recreated by
 +a recurring timer that runs as often as this /[[SET]] directs.
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +When CPU_SAVER mode is active, /[[SET CPU_SAVER_EVERY]] will override this
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