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 +# $EPIC: set_lastlog_rewrite.txt,​v 1.1 2008/04/11 23:12:17 jnelson Exp $
 +[[set]] lastlog_rewrite
 +This /[[SET]] provides a default value to [[LASTLOG]] -REWRITE whenever you 
 +use [[LASTLOG]] but don't provide the -REWRITE flag.
 +If you always want the /​[[LASTLOG]] command to timestamp each line:
 + /set lastlog_rewrite $strftime($1 %T) $8-
 +Note that the above might be subject to quoting hell, particularly in a 
 +pf-loaded script, which means you would need to do:
 + /set lastlog_rewrite $$strftime($1 %T) $$8-
 +[[SET]] lastlog_rewrite first appeared in EPIC5-0.3.6
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