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 +[[set]] hold_mode [on|off|toggle]
 +When turned on, this setting causes the client to pause the held window
 +after each screenful of data, unless there is interaction by the user.
 +If the user does not issue a command of some sort within one screenful,
 +EPIC will buffer all further incoming messages. ​ An issued command or a
 +simple carriage return will cause the display to advance another
 +screenful, and so on, until the display is up to date again.
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +When using multiple ircII windows, the setting of __HOLD_MODE__ does not
 +change the current __HOLD_MODE__ of any windows. ​ Rather, it refers to the
 +default mode for any new windows. ​ The [[WINDOW]] [[window HOLD_MODE|HOLD_MODE]] command must
 +be used to hold and unhold individual windows.
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