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 +[[set]] default_realname [<​text>​]
 +If set, the client will use the value of this variable as its IRCNAME
 +when connecting to new servers. ​ The variable may be set to anything
 +desired, including nothing. ​ If unset, the client will use the value
 +in the environment variable IRCNAME, or failing that, the value in
 +the user's GCOS field in the system password file.
 +Traditionally,​ the client has provided the realname command and this
 +setting, but the realname command is obsolete and should not be used.
 +======Other Notes:​======
 +The nature of irc servers is such that this information cannot be
 +changed on the fly.  The client must establish a connection with a new
 +server (or [[reconnect]] to the current one) for the setting to take
 +This first appeared in EPIC5-0.3.5. ​ Prior to this, it was called ​
 +[[set realname]].
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