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 +[[set]] clock_format <​text>​
 +The client uses strftime(3) to create the system clock (%T on your 
 +[[set_status_format|status bar]] or [[special_vars|$Z]]).  ​
 +When this variable is unset (the default) the strftime value used to create ​
 +the clock is either "​%R"​ if [[set clock_24hour]] is ON or "​%I:​%M%p"​ if it 
 +is OFF.
 +When this variable is set, the client uses this value as the strftime value
 +used to create the clock, and disregards the value of [[set clock_24hour]].
 +The system clock is updated every [[set clock_interval]] seconds when
 +[[set cpu_saver_after|cpu saver mode]] isn't active. ​ The default interval
 +is 60 seconds, so putting seconds in your clock format won't buy much 
 +unless you lower your clock interval.
 +[[SET CLOCK_FORMAT]] first appeared in EPIC4pre1.019.
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