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 +======Using Hooks with Serial Numbers======
 +One of the neat things about [[ON]] hooks is that multiple hooks of the same
 +type may be given different priorities. ​ A serial number may be any number,
 +positive or negative; zero is the default and should not be used directly.
 +The numbers themselves don't really matter, rather their relation to other
 +serial numbers is what's important. ​ For example:
 +   ​on ​  ​hook ​   "​*"​ echo foobar
 +   on #-hook -5 "​*"​ echo booya
 +   on #​-hook ​ 5 "​*"​ echo yadda yadda yadda
 +Then, when any [[HOOK]] command is issued, the following three lines will be
 +displayed, in this order:
 +   booya
 +   ​foobar
 +   yadda yadda yadda
 +In general, it is always advisable to use serial numbers, if for no other
 +reason than to prevent hooks from conflicting with each other. This is
 +particularly true of the [[TIMER]] hook, which should always use serial
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