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 +# $EPIC: referring_to_servers.txt,​v 1.1 2006/09/02 00:37:24 jnelson Exp $
 +======Special Topic:​======
 +A server has several pieces of data that identify it
 +| Refnum ​       | A small positive integer number |
 +| Our Name      | The hostname you provided in the server description |
 +| Its Name      | The name the server refers to itself as on irc |
 +| Group         | The (local) group name you put the server into |
 +| Alt names     | Any alternate name you have given the server |
 +There are many places you provide a "​server"​ to the client. ​ It uses
 +the above rules to convert what you provide into a refnum.  ​
 +If you provide a number, it refers to the server with that refnum.
 +Otherwise, scans all of the servers that are open from the lowest refnum
 +to the highest refnum, and looks to see if what you provided wildcard ​
 +matches any of the above pieces of data.
 +If none of the open servers match, it then scans all of the closed servers
 +from lowest refnum to highest refnum.
 +If none of the closed servers match, then what you provided does not refer
 +to a server. ​ In many cases, if you provided a server description,​ it will
 +be added to the server list, assigned a new refnum, and that refnum will
 +be used.
 +Please remember, if more than one server shares the same piece of data
 +(for example, you are connected to "​​6667"​ and "​​6666",​
 +and you ask for "​",​ or you are connected to two servers in the 
 +same group and you refer to that group), then the one with the lowest refnum
 +wins.  ​
 +Please remember that any of the above pieces of data is considered acceptable
 +to match. ​ The "​group"​ of server 0 beats out "our name" of server 1.
 +Please remember that wildcards are always accepted! ​ It's perfectly acceptable
 +to do something like
 + /​disconnect *
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