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 +# $EPIC: reconnect_command.txt,​v 1.3 2007/02/13 06:05:45 jnelson Exp $
 +__reconnect__ [<​reason>​]
 +The __reconnect__ command does a [[disconnect]] of the current server
 +immediately followed by a [[server]] +refnum. ​ The effect of this is your
 +connection to the server is abandoned and then immediately restarted.
 +Often you may want to __reconnect__ if you have changed your 
 +[[set realname]], because this value is set when you first connect to
 +the server and cannot be changed later.
 +One consequence of this is a new dns lookup is done on your server'​s ​
 +hostname, so any ip address change will be handled properly. ​ This
 +behavior is not guaranteed forever.
 +If you provide a "​reason"​ it will be used as your [[QUIT]] message.
 +Please remember that the client does not remember your channels when
 +the connection to the server is lost, so your channels, and their
 +affiliation to the windows they were in, will be lost.  You can use the
 +[[reconnect script]] that comes with the client to help fill this gap.
 +The [[reconnect]] command first appeared in "​plus-3"​ (post-ircII,​ pre-EPIC)
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