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 +# $EPIC: pretend.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/19 04:05:34 sthalik Exp $
 +__pretend__ <arguments>
 +The [[PRETEND]] command allows the client to "pretend" it received the given
 +arguments from the server.  It is intended only to be used inside a hook
 +action.  One possible use for this might be a highly customized scripted
 +[[DCC]] system.  It is mostly only of use with [[on RAW_IRC]].
 +DANGER!  You can [[PRETEND]] anything that the server might send you, which includes destructive things, like [[join]]s and [[part]]s and [[mode]] changes.  So don't [[PRETEND]] those kinds of things unless they actually happened in real life.
 +To convert all [[CTCP ACTION]]s to normal messages:
 +      on raw_irc "% PRIVMSG % :^VA^VACTION ^VA^V" {
 +         pretend $0-2 :(ACTION) $strip(^VA^V $4-)
 +      }
 +======Other Notes:======
 +As previously mentioned, this command is only designed to be used as
 +part of a hook action.  Its behavior when not used in this manner is
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