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 +[[on]] ctcp_request
 +This hook is triggered when the client receives a [[CTCP]] request.
 +It's important to understand the difference between this and [[on ctcp]].
 +The [[on ctcp]] event is thrown for when the client has already handled
 +the request and wants to tell the user.   
 +But [[on ctcp_request]] is thrown "early", giving you first access to 
 +the request, before the client does anything.
 +If you handle [[on ctcp_request]] you will suppress the client's normal 
 +handling of that [[ctcp]] so don't suppress stuff like [[ctcp dcc|dcc]].
 +The only appropriate response to a [[on ctcp_request]] is a [[ctcp]] command
 +that is sent as a proper reply (the client handles that).  If you try to send
 +a [[msg]] the client will convert it to a [[notice]].
 +|$0    |nickname of [[CTCP]] message sender                     |
 +|$1    |target of [[CTCP]] (client's nickname or channel name)  |
 +|$2    |type of CTCP                                            |
 +|$3-   |arguments to CTCP command, if any                       |
 +To customize [[CTCP]] [[ctcp VERSION|VERSION]] replies:
 +   on ^ctcp_request "% % VERSION*" (sender, recvr, type, args) {
 +      ctcp $sender VERSION ircII $J + myscript;
 +   };
 +# $EPIC: on_ctcp_request.txt,v 1.7 2012/07/04 06:30:23 jnelson Exp $
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