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 +[[notice]] //<nickname>// <text to send> \\ 
 +[[notice]] //<channel>// <text to send> \\ 
 +[[notice]] //=<dcc chat peer>// <text to send> \\ 
 +[[notice]] //%<process id|process name>// <text to send> \\ 
 +[[notice]] //%%/<command>%%// <command arguments>
 +The [[NOTICE]] command is just like the [[MSG]] command, and is used to 
 +send a message to another target.  Whenever you use [[msg]] in response to
 +an irc //privmsg// (a [[msg]], or a [[ctcp]] request), it will be converted 
 +into a [[notice]] for you.
 +The IRC protocol implies that all [[msg]]s must be replied to with a 
 +[[notice]] and replying to a [[notice]] is forbidden.  If you attempt to 
 +reply to a [[notice]], an error message will be displayed and the message 
 +will not be sent.
 +There is no distinction between sending a [[msg]] and [[notice]] to a
 +[[dcc]] target (except for [[ctcp]]s), an [[alias command|alias]], or an
 +[[exec command|exec]] process, so you can use whichever command suits
 +All notices, from any target and to any target, which you receive, will be 
 +checked for [[ctcp]] messages.
 +All notices that contain only a [[ctcp]] reply count towards the flood control
 +limit for [[notice]]s as well.
 +Notices sent to you by //YOUR// server are always exempt from [[ignore]] and
 +[[set flood_rate|flood]] control and are hooked as follows until one of 
 +the hooks catches the event:
 +  * Operator kill notices are hooked by [[ON KILL]].
 +  * Operator notices are hooked by [[ON OPER_NOTICE]].
 +  * All server notices are hooked by [[ON GENERAL_NOTICE]].
 +  * All server notices are hooked by [[ON SERVER_NOTICE]].
 +Notices sent to you by any other server or by any target on irc are hooked
 +as follows until one of the hooks catches the event:
 +  * An [[encrypt]]ed message is hooked by [[ON ENCRYPTED_NOTICE]] and is exempt from flood control.
 +  * All notices are hooked by [[ON GENERAL_NOTICE]].
 +  * Any notice sent to a channel you are on is hooked by [[ON PUBLIC_NOTICE]];
 +  * Any notice sent to you personally is hooked by [[ON NOTICE]];
 +  * Any another notice is hooked by [[ON NOTICE]];
 +Notices you sent to others will be hooked through [[ON SEND_NOTICE]].
 +The [[notice]] command first appeared in ircII.
 +# $EPIC: notice.txt,v 1.4 2006/08/29 18:22:56 sthalik Exp $
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