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 +# $EPIC: meta-compat.txt,​v 1.2 2007/02/20 02:39:55 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] meta-compat \\
 +[[bind]] <​sequence>​ <​action>​
 +Older versions of the client did not have the ability to [[bind]] arbitrary
 +strings. ​ Instead, there was a state machine that you could control to handle
 +complex sequences. ​ Although the client has not required manual control
 +of the state machine since epic4pre2.001,​ older scripts may often still 
 +try to control the state machine when they bind things like "​META2-["​ or 
 +whatever. ​ These scripts don't work any more.
 +If you need to load an old script that sets up keybindings by binding the
 +meta states, you can [[load]] this script first, and it automagically ​
 +takes care of the details. ​ It uses black magic, you don't want to know.
 +It's a good idea to update old scripts to not use meta states.
 +This script was written by the master of ircII black magic, |Rain|, and
 +first appeared in epic4-1.2.5.
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