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 +# $EPIC: mail.txt,v 1.2 2007/03/04 20:52:39 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] mail \\
 +[[set]] mail_watch_time //<​number>//​ \\
 +mbox add //<​filename>//​ \\
 +mbox del //<​filename>//​ \\
 +mbox list
 +This script implements a mail checking facility. ​ Currently, it only monitors
 +mboxes. ​ Unlike the built in mail checking facility, this script can monitor
 +multiple independant mboxes.
 +You can monitor an mbox with %%mbox add filename%% where %%filename%% is the
 +name of the mbox mail drop.  The file must exist at the time (even if it is 
 +just a zero-byte file) you register it.  Attempts to add the same file
 +multiple times is not an error, but you will be told it is already checked.
 +You can unmonitor an mbox with %%mbox del filename%% where %%filename%% is a
 +filename that you previously passed to %%mbox add%%.
 +Every %%set mail_watch_time%% seconds, the script will check your mboxes,
 +unless [[set mail]] is 0.  You will be notified each time an mbox's mtime
 +("​modification time") changes since the last check.
 +When you load the script, it automatically starts monitoring all of the
 +mboxes in your MAIL environment variable.
 +You should probably [[set mail_interval]] 0 to turn off the client'​s ​
 +built in mail checking facility if you use this script.
 +This script was written by wd and first appeared in epic4-1.1.6.
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