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 +# $EPIC: local.examp.txt,​v 1.2 2007/03/02 02:32:04 jnelson Exp $
 +The '​local.examp'​ script is a sample script that you can use to create
 +local customizations for you and your users. ​ You must rename it to '​local'​
 +before it will be used.
 +The '​local'​ script is loaded by the '​global'​ script which is loaded when
 +you start up the client, but before your startup script is loaded. ​ Thus, 
 +the '​local'​ script can be used by the administrator to make any last-minute ​
 +changes before the client turns control over to the user.
 +The client does not load '​global'​ by default any more (it used to).  This
 +means the user will not load this script unless they opt-in by specifically
 +loading it.
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