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 +# $EPIC: levelctl.txt,​v 1.3 2007/02/17 18:41:08 jnelson Exp $
 +$[[levelctl]](LEVELS) \\
 +$[[levelctl]](ADD //name//) \\
 +$[[levelctl]](ALIAS //​old-name//​ //​new-name//​) \\
 +$[[levelctl]](LOOKUP //name//) \\
 +$[[levelctl]](LOOKUP //number//) \\
 +$[[levelctl]](NORMALIZE //​[[levels]]//​)
 +The [[levelctl]] function allows you to add and look up levels for the client.
 +The following operations are supported:
 +^ Operation name ^ Operation function ^
 +| LEVELS ​                         | Return a word list of the canonical names for all levels |
 +| ADD //​name// ​                   | Create a new level bit, and give it the canonical name //name//. |
 +| ALIAS //​old-name//​ //​new-name//​ | Create a synonym (non-canonical name) for an existing level. ​ The //​new-name//​ will be accepted in every place as a replacement for //​old-name//​. ​ This is suitable for translating level names. ​ |
 +| LOOKUP //​name// ​                | Return the refnum of the level of the given //​name//​. ​ This number is only valid until the client exits.|
 +| LOOKUP //​number// ​              | Return the canonical name of the //​number//​th level. ​ This is useful in a loop to get each level name in order.|
 +| NORMALIZE //​level-description//​ | Convert a string containing level descriptions,​ of the sort "​ALL,​-OTHER"​ into the canonical form "​PUBLICS,​MSGS,​NOTICES,​WALLS,​...."​ |
 +The $levelctl() function first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.8.
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