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 +# $EPIC: ischanvoice.txt,​v 1.3 2006/08/01 03:47:40 sthalik Exp $
 +$__ischanvoice__(<​nick>​ <​channel>​)
 +This function searches the client'​s channel cache for the user <​nick>​
 +on the channel <​channel>​ for the current server refnum, and returns their
 +current channel voiced status.
 +   ​1 ​  User has voice (is +v)
 +   ​0 ​  User does not have voice (is not +v)
 +  -1   ​Client does not know (may or may not be +v)
 +Voiced information is given by the server in the names reply that is sent on
 +join and also in the who reply that epic asks for.
 +Unfortunately,​ most servers will not divulge the voiced status of a user if
 +they are also a channel operator (+o).
 +Consequently,​ unless you are physically present when a +v or -v mode change
 +occurs, there is no way for epic to know whether or not a channel operator is
 +voiced or not.
 +Therefore, the client will return the "I don't know" value (-1) if you ask it
 +for the voiced status of anyone who was a channel operator when you joined the
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