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 +=====Getting EPIC=====
 +There are two current generations:​ EPIC4 and EPIC5. They are not generally interchangeable;​ you should use whichever one your script requires. ​ Most OS distributions have EPIC4 and EPIC5 binary packages available.
 +EPIC, as shipped by us, only is released as source code, which you can get via HTTP, FTP and Git. The latest releases are available here:
 +  * http://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC5-PRODUCTION/​epic5-2.1.2.tar.gz
 +  * http://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC4-PRODUCTION/​epic4-2.10.7.tar.gz
 +=====Getting EPIC source via HTTP and FTP =====
 +  * http://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC4-PRODUCTION/​
 +  * http://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC5-PRODUCTION/​
 +  * ftp://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC4-PRODUCTION/​
 +  * ftp://​​pub/​epic/​EPIC5-PRODUCTION/​
 +=====Getting EPIC source via GIT=====
 +The EPIC5 and EPIC4 source code repository is available through anonymous git:
 +  * git clone http://​​epic5.git
 +  * git clone http://​​epic4.git
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