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# $EPIC: connect_function.txt,v 1.2 2006/07/24 07:11:25 sthalik Exp $


$connect(<host> <port> [family])



This function will let you open up a TCP socket to any host/port. You can send messages to the connection using the return value as the key argument to DCC RAW and MSG. You will receive messages from the connection via /ON DCC_RAW ”<fd> <host> D <data>”.


A number to be used for communication with an open TCP connection, or the empty string if an error occurs.


A complete example of opening up a connection to the local SMTPd, sending a command, receiving responses, and cleaning up afterwards.

alias mailcheck {
  @ :host = []
  @ :port = 25

  on ^dcc_raw "% $host D *" {
    echo ======-- Incoming! --====== $2-
  on ^dcc_lost "% RAW $host" {
    on dcc_raw -"% $2 D"
    on dcc_lost -$*

  @ :fd = connect($host $port)
  msg =$fd QUIT


This function first appeared in ircII-2.2pre3