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 +# $EPIC: on_connect.txt,​v 1.5 2012/07/04 06:30:23 jnelson Exp $
 +[[on]] [<​modes>​]connect [<​serial#>​] [-|^]<​match>​ { <​action>​ }
 +Triggered when you're successfully logged into irc.
 +This hook is triggered whenever the client has successfully registered with
 +an irc server. ​ This hook differs from [[on server_established]] in that the
 +[[on server_established]] hook is triggered as soon as the client establishes a
 +TCP connection with a server.
 +|$0    |the server connected to |
 +|$1    |the port number of the server connected to |
 +|$2    |server name as reported by the server |
 +======Default Action:​======
 +If you don't suppress this event, the client does not do anything.
 +To display where the client has connected:
 +   on ^connect * (ourname, port, itsname) {
 +      xecho -b Connected to $ourname ($itsname) on port $port;
 +   };
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