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 +__motd__ [<​server|nickname>​]
 +This queries a server'​s Message Of The Day.  Each server is supposed to
 +have an MOTD and your server sent you an MOTD when you connected to it.
 +These messages will tell you about the server you are connected to, and
 +any other information the server administrator wants you to know about.
 +If a server is given, that server'​s MOTD is requested.
 +If a nickname is given, that nickname'​s server'​s MOTD is requested.
 +Some networks restrict or limit your ability to do remote server requests.
 +Use of this command may result in an error or may just be outright ignored
 +by the server. ​ Never trust that a remote server request will be answered.
 +Reading the MOTD (and following the rules) is considered good style.
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