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 +# $EPIC: loadformats.txt,​v 1.2 2007/03/01 03:26:44 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] loadformats \\
 +/addformat //type// [//value//] \\
 +/delformat //type// \\
 +/​dumpformats \\
 +/​loadformats //​filename//​ \\
 +/​saveformats //​filename//​
 +This script is the user-friendly front end to the implied [[on]] hook
 +facility. ​ This script allows you to create /SET FORMAT_* variables which
 +behave similarly to other client'​s /FSET facilities.  ​
 +The implied [[on]] hook facility allows you to control how the events are
 +displayed to your window, without having to create explicit [[on]] hooks.
 +This script lets you load, change, and set these implied on hooks, and 
 +control the values through dynamically created [[set]]s.
 +The //type// argument is the name of an [[on]] type, such as MSG, PUBLIC,
 +or NOTIFY_SIGNON,​ etc.
 +The //value// argument is the default initial value for the new [[set]].
 +The //​filename//​ is a the name of a file that contains format definitions
 +that look like
 +       //​TYPE//​ //VALUE//
 +for example,
 + PUBLIC %K<​%n$0%K>​%n $2-
 + MSG %K[%C$0%K\(%c$userhost($0)%K\)] $1-
 +The /ADDFORMAT command creates a /SET FORMAT_//​type//​ variable that controls
 +the implied on hook for the on //​type//​. ​ The initial value of the format
 +and the implied on hook is the optional //value//.
 +The /DELFORMAT command removes the /SET FORMAT_//​type//​ variable that 
 +controls the implied on hook for the on //​type//​. ​ The implied on hook is
 +also destroyed.
 +The /DUMPFORMAT command removes all of the /SET FORMAT_//​type//​ variables
 +and all of your implied on hooks.
 +The /​LOADFORMATS command loads a file that contains lines that contain a 
 +//type// and a //value//, and runs /ADDFORMAT on each.
 +The /​SAVEFORMATS command saves all of your implied hooks into a file that
 +can be later loaded with /​LOADFORMATS.
 +This script was written by fudd and first appeared in epic5-0.0.5.
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