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 +[[Welcome]] to the EPIC help file collection!
 +Below is our master index. ​ It is a work in progress. ​ Eventually we 
 +will replace this with a very nice document. ​ For now, feel free to 
 +follow the links and email jnelson to volunteer if you want 
 +to help!  Anonymous editing of the help files is not allowed at this time.  ​
 +If you're new to EPIC, you can read [[getting_started]].
 +======The most common commands=====
 +|[[away]]|Tell the server you are not paying attention|
 +|[[channel_command|channel]]|Join or associate a channel with a window.|
 +|[[clear]]|Do a [[window clear]]; Display nothing in the window.|
 +|[[ctcp]]|**C**lient **T**o **C**lient **P**rotocol:​ ask other clients for information. |
 +|[[dcc]]|**D**irect **C**lient **C**onnection:​ talking with another user outside of irc.|
 +|[[dcc_get|dcc get]]|Accept a copy of someone else's file. |
 +|[[dcc_resume|dcc resume]]|Agree to continue downloading a file you partially downloaded already.|
 +|[[dcc_send|dcc send]]|Extend an offer to copy a file to someone else.|
 +|[[disconnect]]|Close the connection to a server|
 +|[[encrypt]]|Initiate transparant encryption over any transport protocol.|
 +|[[exit]]|Tell the client to shut down.|
 +|[[ignore]]|Suppress display of stuff coming from people who you don't want to be bothered with.|
 +|[[invite]]|Ask someone to join a channel.|
 +|[[join]]|Join or associate a channel with a window.|
 +|[[kick]]|Remove someone from a channel.|
 +|[[knock]]|Ask to be [[invite]]d to a channel.|
 +|[[lastlog_command|lastlog]]|Redisplay stuff that has previously shown up in a window.|
 +|[[log_command|log]]|General purpose logfiles.|
 +|[[me]]|Tell the channel what you are doing with a [[ctcp action]].|
 +|[[mode]]|Change the mode of a channel.|
 +|[[msg]]|Send a message to someone.|
 +|[[nick]]|Change your nickname.|
 +|[[notify_command|notify]]|Make the client periodically ask the server if certain nicknames are on the network.|
 +|[[part]]|Leave a channel.|
 +|[[query]]|Change the current target of a window to a nickname.|
 +|[[quit]]|Same as [[exit]].|
 +|[[reconnect_command|reconnect]]|Reconnect to a server.|
 +|[[server]]|Connect to an irc server.|
 +|[[topic]]|Change the topic of the channel.|
 +|[[who]]|Ask the server for a list of who is on the channel.|
 +|[[whois]]|Ask the server for detailed information about one person.|
 +|[[whowas]]|Ask the server for info about someone who is not on irc any more.|
 +======Less common IRC commands=====
 +|[[admin]]|Ask the server how to contact the server admin.|
 +|[[connect_command|connect]]|Ask a server on the network to link to another server not on the network (oper only).|
 +|[[ctcp_action|ctcp action]]|Tell someone or a channel what you are doing.|
 +|[[ctcp_clientinfo|ctcp clientinfo]]|Ask another client what ctcp commands they support.|
 +|[[ctcp_echo|ctcp echo]]|Ask another client to send you a string back.|
 +|[[ctcp_finger|ctcp finger]]|Ask another client about the man behind the mask.|
 +|[[ctcp_ping|ctcp ping]]|Ask another client to respond, to measure lag time.|
 +|[[ctcp_time|ctcp time]]|Ask another client what time they think it is.|
 +|[[ctcp_userinfo|ctcp userinfo]]|Ask another client for its user-customizable string.|
 +|[[ctcp_utc|ctcp utc]]|Tell another client to insert the current time here.|
 +|[[ctcp_version|ctcp version]]|Ask another client what software version it is.|
 +|[[dcc_chat|dcc chat]]|Initiate a private conversation with someone outside of irc.|
 +|[[dcc_close|dcc close]]|Terminate a dcc session.|
 +|[[dcc_closeall|dcc closeall]]|Terminate every dcc session.|
 +|[[dcc_list|dcc list]]|Show all of the dcc sessions.|
 +|[[dcc_raw|dcc raw]]|Send data to a dcc socket connection.|
 +|[[dcc_rename|dcc rename]]|Change the nickname associated with a dcc session.|
 +|[[deop]]|Revoke your own irc operatorship privileges (oper only)|
 +|[[describe]]|Tell another nick what you are doing with a [[ctcp action]].|
 +|[[die]]|Tell your server to shut down (oper only)|
 +|[[flush]]|Suppress display of stuff coming from the server when you're being flooded.|
 +|[[hostname]]|Change your virtual hostname.|
 +|[[info_command|info]]|Ask the client and server about the software you're using.|
 +|[[ison]]|Ask the server if nicknames in a list are on the network.|
 +|[[kill]]|Remove someone from the irc network. (oper only)|
 +|[[links]]|Ask the server what servers are on the network.|
 +|[[list]]|Ask the server to tell you about the network'​s public channels.|
 +|[[load]]|Import and run commands from a file.|
 +|[[lusers]]|Ask the server how many users and servers are on the network.|
 +|[[map_command|map]]|Ask the server to show you the topology of the network.|
 +|[[mesg]]|Permit or revoke global write access to your pty.|
 +|[[motd_command|motd]]|Ask the server for the Message Of The Day.|
 +|[[names]]|Ask the server about who is on what channels.|
 +|[[note]]|Leave a message for someone when they are away (rare)|
 +|[[notice]]|Send a response to someone'​s message.|
 +|[[oper]]|Assume operatorship privileges (oper only).|
 +|[[ping]]|Figure out how lagged you are.|
 +|[[redirect]]|Redirect output that would go to a window to someone over irc.|
 +|[[rehash]]|Ask the server to re-read its config files (oper-only)|
 +|[[restart]]|Ask the server to shut down and restart (oper-only)|
 +|[[rping]]|Send an RPING to the server.|
 +|[[servlist]]|Send a SERVLIST to the server.|
 +|[[squery]]|Send an SQUERY to someone.|
 +|[[squit]]|Remove a server from the network. (oper only)|
 +|[[stats]]|Ask the server for statistics (oper only)|
 +|[[time_command|time]]|Ask the server what time it thinks it is.|
 +|[[trace]]|Create a traceroute to a remote server (oper only)|
 +|[[uping]]|Ping the server.|
 +|[[userhost_command|userhost]]|Ask the server for a nick's userhost.|
 +|[[userip]]|Ask the server for a nick's ip address.|
 +|[[usrip]]|Ask the server for a nick's ip address.|
 +|[[version_command|version]]|Ask the server what software it is using.|
 +|[[wallchops]]|Send a message to channel operators.|
 +|[[wallops]]|Send a message to all irc operators (oper only).|
 +|[[abort]]|Kill the client with SIGABRT (trap to gdb)|
 +|[[alias_command|alias]]|Create your own commands|
 +|[[allocdump]]|Write debug info about malloc()s to file|
 +|[[assign]]|Create your own variables|
 +|[[beep]]|Make your terminal beep|
 +|[[bind]]|Tell the client what to do when you press a key |
 +|[[bind_altcharset]]|Insert the char that switches your font between character sets. |
 +|[[bind_backspace]]|Delete the character before the cursor|
 +|[[bind_backward_character]]|Move the cursor left one position|
 +|[[bind_backward_word]]|Move the cursor to the start of the previous word|
 +|[[bind_beginning_of_line]]|Move the cursor to the start of input line|
 +|[[bind_blink]]|Insert the char that toggles blinking|
 +|[[bind_bold]]|Insert the char that toggles bold video|
 +|[[bind_clear_screen]]|Do a [[window clear]]|
 +|[[bind_cpu_saver]]|Ask the client to save cpu by doing less housekeeping |
 +|[[bind_delete_character]]|Delete the character under the cursor|
 +|[[bind_delete_next_word]]|Delete from the cursor to the end of the next word |
 +|[[bind_delete_previous_word]]|Delete from the cursor to the start of the previous word. |
 +|[[bind_delete_to_previous_space]]|Delete from the cursor to the first space before the cursor.|
 +|[[bind_end_of_line]]|Move the cursor to the end of the input line.|
 +|[[bind_erase_line]]|Delete the entire input line.|
 +|[[bind_erase_to_beg_of_line]]|Delete from the cursor to the start of input.|
 +|[[bind_erase_to_end_of_line]]|Delete from the cursor to the end of input.|
 +|[[bind_forward_character]]|Move the cursor right one position.|
 +|[[bind_forward_word]]|Move the cursor to the next word.|
 +|[[bind_highlight_off]]|Insert the character that turns all highlights off.|
 +|[[bind_next_window]]|Move down one visible ("​split"​) window.|
 +|[[bind_nothing]]|Perform no action (unbinds a sequence)|
 +|[[bind_parse_command]]|Execute a block of code (provided as argument)|
 +|[[bind_previous_window]]|Move up one visible ("​split"​) window.|
 +|[[bind_quit_irc]]|Ask the user if they really want to [[exit]].|
 +|[[bind_quote_character]]|Tell the client the next keypress should ignore its keybinding.|
 +|[[bind_refresh_inputline]]|Tell the client to redraw the input line.|
 +|[[bind_refresh_screen]]|Tell the client to redraw the entire screen. |
 +|[[bind_refresh_status]]|Tell the client to redraw the status bars.|
 +|[[bind_reset_line]]|Delete the entire input line but don't save it in the cutbuffer.|
 +|[[bind_reverse]]|Insert the character that toggles reverse video.|
 +|[[bind_scroll_backward]]|Move backwards (older) in the scrollback buffer.|
 +|[[bind_scroll_end]]|End scrolling back|
 +|[[bind_scroll_forward]]|Move forwards (newer) in the scrollback buffer.|
 +|[[bind_scroll_start]]|Move to the start (oldest) of the scrollback buffer.|
 +|[[bind_self_insert]]|Insert the character itself into the input buffer.|
 +|[[bind_send_line]]|Process the contents of the input buffer and reset the input buffer.|
 +|[[bind_stop_irc]]|Suspend the client with SIGTSTP, returning to your shell.|
 +|[[bind_swap_last_window]]|Do a [[window last]].|
 +|[[bind_swap_next_window]]|Do a [[window next]].|
 +|[[bind_swap_previous_window]]|Do a [[window previous]].|
 +|[[bind_switch_channels]]|Cycle through the channels in a window.|
 +|[[bind_switch_query]]|Cycle through the queries in a window.|
 +|[[bind_toggle_insert_mode]]|Toggle between inserting before the cursor and overwriting what is under the cursor.|
 +|[[bind_toggle_stop_screen]]|Do a [[window hold_mode]] TOGGLE.|
 +|[[bind_transpose_characters]]|Swap the character the cursor is on with the character before the cursor.|
 +|[[bind_type_text]]|Insert some text (provided as argument) into the input buffer.|
 +|[[bind_unclear_screen]]|Do a [[window unclear]].|
 +|[[bind_underline]]|Insert the character that toggles underline video.|
 +|[[bind_unstop_all_windows]]|Do a [[window hold_mode]] OFF in all windows.|
 +|[[bind_yank_from_cutbuffer]]|Insert into the input line whatever we last deleted into the cutbuffer.|
 +|[[bless]]|Gain access to the local variables of the oldest [[wait]]ing [[atomic scope]].|
 +|[[botmode]]|Detach from the pty run the client in the background. ​ You are returned to your shell.|
 +|[[break]]|Early termination of the loop; advance to the next command in the block.|
 +|[[call]]|Dump the current script call stack to the window.|
 +|[[cd]]|Change the client'​s current working directory|
 +|[[comment]]|The no-op command.|
 +|[[continue]]|Early termination of the current iteration of a loop; go back to the top and start the next iteration.|
 +|[[defer]]|Run a command only when the client is not doing something.|
 +|[[do]]|Post-test looping command|
 +|[[dump]]|Bulk-removal of aliases, assigns, ons, etc|
 +|[[echo]]|Display something to a window.|
 +|[[eval]]|Expand variables in a statement again and execute it.|
 +|[[exec_command|exec]]|Run unix commands in a subshell.|
 +|[[fe]]|Iterate over a word list|
 +|[[fec]]|Iterate over the characters in a string|
 +|[[for]]|Multi-purpose looping command.|
 +|[[foreach]]|Iterate over aliases or assign names in a structure.|
 +|[[hook]]|Throw an [[on hook]] event.|
 +|[[if]]|Conditional command.|
 +|[[input]]|Get the user to answer a question with a modal prompt.|
 +|[[input_char]]|Get the user to type a key with a modal prompt.|
 +|[[license]]|Display the copyright and legal disclaimers.|
 +|[[local]]|Create an assign that goes away when the alias is over.|
 +|[[on]]|Register event handlers for certain types of hooks|
 +|[[on_action]]|Hooked when people do [[me]] or [[describe]].|
 +|[[on_channel_lost]]|Hooked when you stop being on a channel.|
 +|[[on_channel_nick]]|Hooked when people change their nickname.|
 +|[[on_channel_signoff]]|Hooked when people leave a channel.|
 +|[[on_channel_sync]]|Hooked when you know everything about a channel you just joined.|
 +|[[on_connect]]|Hooked when a server accepts you.|
 +|[[on_ctcp]]|Hooked when a [[ctcp]] message needs to be displayed.|
 +|[[on_ctcp_reply]]|Hooked when someone response to your [[ctcp]].|
 +|[[on_ctcp_request]]|Hooked when someone sends you a [[ctcp]].|
 +|[[on_dcc_activity]]|Hooked when you send or receive a packet via dcc.|
 +|[[on_dcc_chat]]|Hooked when someone sends you a message over dcc chat.|
 +|[[on_dcc_connect]]|Hooked when a dcc connection starts.|
 +|[[on_dcc_list]]|Hooked for each dcc connection when you do [[dcc list]].|
 +|[[on_dcc_lost]]|Hooked when a dcc connection ends.|
 +|[[on_dcc_offer]]|Hooked when you offer someone a dcc connection.|
 +|[[on_dcc_raw]]|Hooked when you get data from a raw socket.|
 +|[[on_dcc_request]]|Hooked when someone offers you a dcc connection.|
 +|[[on_disconnect]]|Hooked when you're not connected to a server.|
 +|[[on_encrypted_notice]]|Hooked when someone sends you an [[encrypt]]ed notice over irc.|
 +|[[on_encrypted_privmsg]]|Hooked when someone sends you an [[encrypt]]ed message over irc.|
 +|[[on_error]]|Hooked when the server sends you an ERROR.|
 +|[[on_exec]]|Hooked when an [[exec]] process writes to stdout.|
 +|[[on_exec_errors]]|Hooked when an [[exec]] process writes to stderr.|
 +|[[on_exec_exit]]|Hooked whan [[exec]] process terminates.|
 +|[[on_exec_prompt]]|Hooked when [[exec]] process writes a partial line.|
 +|[[on_exit]]|Hooked when the client is shutting down|
 +|[[on_flood]]|Hooked when the client thinks you're being flooded.|
 +|[[on_general_notice]]|Hooked when you receive any kind of [[notice]].|
 +|[[on_general_privmsg]]|Hooked when you receive any kind of msg.|
 +|[[on_hook]]|Hooked when you use the [[hook]] command.|
 +|[[on_idle]]|Hooked once a minute when you're not pressing keys.|
 +|[[on_input]]|Hooked when you use [[bind send_line]].|
 +|[[on_invite]]|Hooked when someone invites you to a channel.|
 +|[[on_join]]|Hooked when you join a channel.|
 +|[[on_keybinding]]|Hooked each time a keybinding is executed.|
 +|[[on_kick]]|Hooked when someone is kicked from a channel.|
 +|[[on_kill]]|Hooked when someone is kicked off of irc.|
 +|[[on_list]]|Hooked for each line when you do [[list]].|
 +|[[on_mail]]|Hooked whenever you receive new email.|
 +|[[on_mode]]|Hooked when someone changes the mode on a channel.|
 +|[[on_mode_stripped]]|Hooked once for each mode change on a channel.|
 +|[[on_msg]]|Hooked when someone sends you a private message.|
 +|[[on_msg_group]]|Hooked when someone sends a message to everyone.|
 +|[[on_names]]|Hooked for each line when you do [[names]].|
 +|[[on_new_nickname]]|Hooked when the client needs a new nickname from you.|
 +|[[on_nickname]]|Hooked when someone changes nickname|
 +|[[on_note]]|Hooked when someone has sent you an offline message (rare).|
 +|[[on_notice]]|Hooked when someone has sent you a [[notice]].|
 +|[[on_notify_signoff]]|Hooked when someone you are watching leaves irc.|
 +|[[on_notify_signon]]|Hooked when someone you are watching joins irc.|
 +|[[on_numeric]]|Hooked when you receive a numeric reply from server.|
 +|[[on_odd_server_stuff]]|Hooked when the server sends something that can't be parsed.|
 +|[[on_oper_notice]]|Hooked when the server sends a message to opers.|
 +|[[on_operwall]]|Hooked when someone sends a message to all opers.|
 +|[[on_part]]|Hooked when someone leave the channel.|
 +|[[on_pong]]|Hooked when the server responds to your ping request.|
 +|[[on_public]]|Hooked when someone talks on a current channel.|
 +|[[on_public_msg]]|Hooked when someone outside the channel talks.|
 +|[[on_public_notice]]|Hooked when someone sends a [[notice]] to the channel.|
 +|[[on_public_other]]|Hooked when someoen talks to a non-current channel.|
 +|[[on_raw_irc]]|Hooked for every line we get from the server.|
 +|[[on_redirect]]|Hooked for each line of output being redirected back to irc.|
 +|[[on_send_action]]|Hooked for every [[me]] or [[describe]] you do.|
 +|[[on_send_ctcp]]|Hooked for every [[ctcp]] you send out.|
 +|[[on_send_dcc_chat]]|Hooked for every [[dcc chat]] message you send out.|
 +|[[on_send_msg]]|Hooked for every msg you send to someone else.|
 +|[[on_send_notice]]|Hooked for every notice you send out.|
 +|[[on_send_public]]|Hooked for every msg you send to a channel.|
 +|[[on_send_to_server]]|Hooked for every line you send to the server.|
 +|[[on_server_established]]|Hooked when we connect to a server, before we register.|
 +|[[on_server_lost]]|Hooked when we lose a server connection for any reason.|
 +|[[on_server_notice]]|Hooked when the server sends you a notice.|
 +|[[on_server_status]]|Hooked when the status of a server changes.|
 +|[[on_set]]|Hooked when you use the [[set]] command.|
 +|[[on_signal]]|Hooked when an OS signal is caught by the client.|
 +|[[on_signoff]]|Hooked when someone leaves irc.|
 +|[[on_silence]]|Hooked when someone has silenced you.|
 +|[[on_ssl_server_cert]]|Hooked when an ssl server sends us its certificate.|
 +|[[on_status_update]]|Hooked every time a status bar changes.|
 +|[[on_switch_channels]]|Hooked every time you change the current channel.|
 +|[[on_switch_windows]]|Hooked every time you change the current window.|
 +|[[on_timer]]|Hooked at the top of every minute.|
 +|[[on_topic]]|Hooked when someone changes the topic of a channel.|
 +|[[on_unknown_command]]|Hooked when you run a command that isn't builtin or an alias.|
 +|[[on_unload]]|Hooked when the user does an [[unload]].|
 +|[[on_wall]]|Hooked when someone does a WALL (rare).|
 +|[[on_wallop]]|Hooked when someone does a wallop.|
 +|[[on_who]]|Hooked for each line of a [[who]] reply.|
 +|[[on_window]]|Hooked for each line of output to a window.|
 +|[[on_window_beforekill]]|Hooked just before a window is killed.|
 +|[[on_window_command]]|Hooked for each operation of a [[window]] command.|
 +|[[on_window_create]]|Hooked when you create a new window.|
 +|[[on_window_kill]]|Hooked after a window has been destroyed.|
 +|[[on_window_notified]]|Hooked when a hidden window that is notifying has output.|
 +|[[on_window_server]]|Hooked when a window changes its server association.|
 +|[[on_yell]]|Hooked when the client outputs a diagnostic message.|
 +|[[package]]|Tag aliases, assigns, ons, etc, as belonging to a package group that can be [[unload]]ed later.|
 +|[[parsekey]]|Execute a keybinding by name.|
 +|[[pause]]|Nonblocking sleep for a time, or until the user presses a key.|
 +|[[perl_command|perl]]|Run something in a perl interpreter.|
 +|[[pop_command|pop]]|Remove the last word from a variable.|
 +|[[pretend]]|Pretend the server just sent the client a string.|
 +|[[push_command|push]]|Add a word to the end of a variable.|
 +|[[queue]]|Add a command to a named queue for executing later.|
 +|[[quote]]|Send a string directly to the server.|
 +|[[rbind]]|Display all of the sequences bound to a keybinding.|
 +|[[repeat_command|repeat]]|Execute some commands multiple times.|
 +|[[return]]|Early termination of the current atomic scope.|
 +|[[ruby_command|ruby]]|Run something in a ruby interpreter.|
 +|[[say]]|Say something to the current channel.|
 +|[[send]]|Say something to the current target.|
 +|[[sendline]]|Pretend the user just typed this string at the input prompt.|
 +|[[set]]|Change a configuration variable.|
 +|[[set_allow_c1_chars]]|Whether to filter out chars 128-159 or not.|
 +|[[set_always_split_biggest]]|Whether to split current window or biggest window for [[window new]].|
 +|[[set_banner]]|The thing to display before system messages (ie, %%***%%)|
 +|[[set_banner_expand]]|Whether to run [[set banner]] through the $-expander.|
 +|[[set_beep]]|Whether to allow beeps or eat them.|
 +|[[set_channel_name_width]]|How wide channel name should be on status bar.|
 +|[[set_client_information]]|What we should send back for [[ctcp clientinfo]].|
 +|[[set_clock]]|Whether to run the system clock (turning off breaks stuff!)|
 +|[[set_clock_24hour]]|Whether the system clock should be 12 hour or 24 hour.|
 +|[[set_clock_format]]|What strftime() format to use to make the system clock.|
 +|[[set_clock_interval]]|How often to update the system clock.|
 +|[[set_cmdchars]]|What characters are used before a command (ie, %%/%%)|
 +|[[set_comment_hack]]|Whether to allow comments in the standard loader in the middle of lines.|
 +|[[set_continued_line]]|What to prefix before broken-up physical lines.|
 +|[[set_cpu_saver_after]]|Turn on cpu saver mode after this many minutes idle.|
 +|[[set_cpu_saver_every]]|Perform housekeeping this many seconds when in cpu saver mode.  (Values < 60 are pointless.)|
 +|[[set_current_window_level]]|Assume the current window always owns these levels, overruling the window levels.|
 +|[[set_dcc_auto_send_rejects]]|Send a DCC REJECT to the other peer when you close a dcc.|
 +|[[set_dcc_dequote_filenames]]|De-urlifiy filenames offered; this permits filenames with spaces.|
 +|[[set_dcc_long_pathnames]]|Show the full path, or just the filename, in [[dcc list]].|
 +|[[set_dcc_sliding_window]]|Tweak speed of [[dcc sends]].|
 +|[[set_dcc_store_path]]|Where to save files others offer you.|
 +|[[set_dcc_use_gateway_addr]]|Whether your client is in your router'​s DMZ.|
 +|[[set_debug]]|Get help debugging your script.|
 +|[[set_default_realname]]|The value we send to the server for your IRCNAME|
 +|[[set_default_username]]|The value we sent to the server for your username|
 +|[[set_dispatch_unknown_commands]]|Whether to bother the server with your typos.|
 +|[[set_display]]|Whether to suppress output to windows.|
 +|[[set_do_notify_immediately]]|Whether to immediately [[ison]] when changing your notify list.|
 +|[[set_floating_point_math]]|Whether to do math in floating point.|
 +|[[set_floating_point_precision]]|How many decimal places to return for floating point numbers.|
 +|[[set_flood_after]]|How many lines to receive before checking flooding rate|
 +|[[set_flood_ignore]]|Whether to ignore people flooding you|
 +|[[set_flood_maskuser]]|How to determine what one flooder is|
 +|[[set_flood_rate]]|How many lines per second constitutes a flood (numerator)|
 +|[[set_flood_rate_per]]|How many lines per second constitutes a flood (denominator)|
 +|[[set_flood_users]]|How many different flooders to check|
 +|[[set_flood_warning]]|Whether to outupt a message when being flooded.|
 +|[[set_hide_private_channels]]|Whether to hide the channel name on the status bar.|
 +|[[set_high_bit_escape]]|Whether to treat 8 bit chars as escape+7 bit char.|
 +|[[set_hold_interval]]|The default [[window hold_interval]] value.|
 +|[[set_hold_mode]]|The default [[window hold_mode]] value.|
 +|[[set_hold_slider]]|The default [[window hold_slider]] value.|
 +|[[set_indent]]|Whether to indent broken lines.|
 +|[[set_input_prompt]]|What prompt to use in the input line.|
 +|[[set_insert_mode]]|Whether to insert before or overwrite the char under the cursor.|
 +|[[set_key_interval]]|How many milliseconds until ambiguous keybindings time out.|
 +|[[set_lastlog]]|What the default [[window lastlog]] size should be.|
 +|[[set_lastlog_level]]|What the default [[window lastlog_level]] should be.|
 +|[[set_lastlog_rewrite]]|Set a default value for [[LASTLOG]] -REWRITE|
 +|[[set_load_path]]|Where to look for [[load]] files.|
 +|[[set_log]]|Whether to write everything displayed to the global logfile.|
 +|[[set_log_rewrite]]|Rewrite stuff before it is written to the global logfile.|
 +|[[set_logfile]]|The default global logfile name.|
 +|[[set_mail]]|How your mail should be checked.|
 +|[[set_mail_interval]]|How often your mail should be checked.|
 +|[[set_mail_type]]|What kind of mailbox you have.|
 +|[[set_mangle_display]]|How to mangle stuff before we write it to the screen.|
 +|[[set_mangle_inbound]]|How to mangle stuff we receive from the server.|
 +|[[set_mangle_logfiles]]|How to mangle stuff we are writing to a logfile.|
 +|[[set_mangle_outbound]]|How to mangle stuff we are sending to the server.|
 +|[[set_metric_time]]|Whether to use regular (minute) or metric (milliday) units for the clock.|
 +|[[set_mirc_broken_dcc_resume]]|Whether to turn on [[dcc resume]].|
 +|[[set_mode_stripper]]|Whether to turn on [[on mode_stripped]].|
 +|[[set_new_server_lastlog_level]]|What level to give a window when you do [[window server]] to a new server.|
 +|[[set_no_control_log]]|Whether control character should be stripped from stuff being written to logfiles.|
 +|[[set_no_ctcp_flood]]|Whether the client should ignore ctcps that come too fast.|
 +|[[set_no_fail_disconnect]]|Whether the client should disconnect from server when writes fail.|
 +|[[set_notify]]|Whether the client should check occasionally for nicknames on irc.|
 +|[[set_notify_interval]]|How often the client should check for [[notify]] nicknames.|
 +|[[set_notify_level]]|What the default [[window notify_level]] should be.|
 +|[[set_notify_on_termination]]|Whether to tell you that an [[exec]] process has finished.|
 +|[[set_notify_userhost_automatic]]|Whether the notify system should ask for userhosts before telling you a nick is online.|
 +|[[set_num_of_whowas]]|How many whowas entries to ask the server for.|
 +|[[set_old_math_parser]]|Turn on the old (legacy) math parser.|
 +|[[set_old_server_lastlog_level]]|Resolve level conflicts when merging a window onto an already connected server.|
 +|[[set_output_rewrite]]|How output should be rewritten before it's displayed.|
 +|[[set_pad_char]]|What char we should use for $[num]var expandos.|
 +|[[set_quit_message]]|What the default quit message should be.|
 +|[[set_random_source]]|What random number generator we should use.|
 +|[[set_realname]]|What the realname is we send to the server when you connect.|
 +|[[set_screen_options]]|What flags should be passed to gnu screen.|
 +|[[set_scroll_lines]]|How many lines the display should scroll when new output occurs in a full window.|
 +|[[set_scrollback]]|How big the default window scrollback size is.|
 +|[[set_scrollback_ratio]]|How much (percentage) each scroll back or scroll forward moves the display|
 +|[[set_shell]]|Which shell should be used for [[exec]]|
 +|[[set_shell_flags]]|Which flags should be passed to your shell.|
 +|[[set_shell_limit]]|How many lines of output from an [[exec]] process before we shut it down.|
 +|[[set_show_channel_names]]|Whether to show the channel roster when joining a channel.|
 +|[[set_show_end_of_msgs]]|Whether to hook end-of-message events.|
 +|[[set_show_numerics]]|Whether to show the numeric or [[set banner]] in numeric replies.|
 +|[[set_show_status_all]]|Whether some status expandos show only in current window status or all window status.|
 +|[[set_show_who_hopcount]]|Whether to show the server hopcount in who replies.|
 +|[[set_status_away]]|How %A looks when you are away.|
 +|[[set_status_channel]]|How %C looks when you are on a channel.|
 +|[[set_status_chanop]]|How %@ looks when you are a chanop.|
 +|[[set_status_clock]]|How %T looks when the clock is on.|
 +|[[set_status_cpu_saver]]|How %L looks when cpu saver is on.|
 +|[[set_status_does_expandos]]|Whether to $-expand the status format.|
 +|[[set_status_format]]|What the status bar should look like.|
 +|[[set_status_format1]]|What the top line of double status bar should be.|
 +|[[set_status_format2]]|What the bottom line of double status bar should be.|
 +|[[set_status_halfop]]|What %@ looks like when you are a half-op|
 +|[[set_status_hold]]|What %H looks like when youre in hold mode.|
 +|[[set_status_hold_lines]]|How many lines you're holding in hold mode.|
 +|[[set_status_insert]]|What %I looks like when youre in insert mode.|
 +|[[set_status_mail]]|What %M looks like when you have mail.|
 +|[[set_status_mode]]|What %+ looks like for your channel mode. |
 +|[[set_status_nickname]]|What %N looks like for your nickname.|
 +|[[set_status_no_repeat]]|Don'​t repeat the last character of status format.|
 +|[[set_status_noswap]]|What appears when [[window swap]] is turned off.|
 +|[[set_status_notify]]|The list of hidden windows that have output.|
 +|[[set_status_oper]]|What %* looks like if you are an irc oper.|
 +|[[set_status_overwrite]]|What %I looks like when you're in overwite mode.|
 +|[[set_status_query]]|What appears when you have a query.|
 +|[[set_status_scrollback]]|What appears when you are in scrollback.|
 +|[[set_status_server]]|What the server name looks like.|
 +|[[set_status_ssl_off]]|What appears when server does not do ssl.|
 +|[[set_status_ssl_on]]|What appears when server does ssl.|
 +|[[set_status_umode]]|What your user mode looks like.|
 +|[[set_status_user]]|What %U looks like.|
 +|[[set_status_voice]]|What %@ looks like when you're a channel voice.|
 +|[[set_status_window]]|What the window refnum looks like.|
 +|[[set_suppress_from_remote_server]]|Whether to append "(from remote.server)"​ when getting a server notice from a server other than your local server.|
 +|[[set_switch_channels_between_windows]]|Whether to allow switch windows to steal another window'​s channels.|
 +|[[set_term_does_bright_blink]]|Whether the terminal does bright blink.|
 +|[[set_translation]]|Which translation to use between your server and your terminal emulator.|
 +|[[set_translation_path]]|Where the translation files live.|
 +|[[set_user_information]]|What to return for [[ctcp clientinfo]]|
 +|[[set_verbose_ctcp]]|Whether to tell you if someone [[ctcp]]s you.|
 +|[[set_word_break]]|What characters constitute breaks between words.|
 +|[[set_wserv_path]]|Where to find the wserv program.|
 +|[[set_wserv_type]]|Whether wserv should create gnu screens or xterms.|
 +|[[set_xterm]]|Which program you use as xterm (ie, rxvt)|
 +|[[set_xterm_options]]|What options you needed passed to your xterm.|
 +|[[setenv]]|Change an environment variable.|
 +|[[shift_command]]|Remove the first word from a variable.|
 +|[[shook]]|Dispatch any arbitrary hook event.|
 +|[[sleep]]|Blocking sleep of the client.|
 +|[[stack]]|Save and restore copies of an alias, assign, on, set, etc|
 +|[[stub]]|On-demand [[load]]ing for an alias or assign.|
 +|[[subpackage]]|Add a segment to the namespace for stuff you [[load]].|
 +|[[switch]]|Multi-path regular expression matched block statement.|
 +|[[tcl_command|tcl]]|Run some command in a tcl interpreter.|
 +|[[silence]]|Server-side ignores (not on all servers)|
 +|[[timer]]|Run a command later.|
 +|[[type]]|Pretend the user just typed a string.|
 +|[[unclear]]|Pull down the scrollback so it fills the screen.|
 +|[[unless]]|Reverse of [[if]].|
 +|[[unload]]|Remove alias, assigns, ons, sets, etc from a [[package]].|
 +|[[unshift_command]]|Add a word to the start of a variable.|
 +|[[until]]|Reverse of [[while]].|
 +|[[usleep]]|Blocking sleep of the client, less than a second.|
 +|[[wait]]|Nonblocking suspending of execution until previous server request finished.|
 +|[[which_command|which]]|Find the full path of a [[load]]ed file.|
 +|[[while]]|Execute a block while some expression is true.|
 +|[[window]]|Manipulate the EPIC on-screen display areas known as "​windows"​.|
 +|[[window_add|window add]]|Add a nickname to your query list.|
 +|[[window_back|window back]]|Go back to the previous current window, swapping it in if necessary.|
 +|[[window_balance|window balance]]|Make all the windows the same size.|
 +|[[window_beep_always|window beep_always]]|Beep even if the window is hidden.|
 +|[[window_channel|window channel]]|Change the current channel.|
 +|[[window_clear|window clear]]|Scroll down so nothing shows in the window.|
 +|[[window_create|window create]]|Create a new screen.|
 +|[[window_delete|window delete]]|Remove a screen you don't want any more.|
 +|[[window_describe|window describe]]|Let me tell you about your window.|
 +|[[window_discon|window discon]]|Disassociate the window from its server. |
 +|[[window_double|window double]]|Turn on the double status bar.|
 +|[[window_echo|window echo]]|Output something to the window.|
 +|[[window_fixed|window fixed]]|Forbid changing the window'​s size.|
 +|[[window_flush|window flush]]|Delete the scrollback below what you see.|
 +|[[window_flush_scrollback|window flush_scrollback]]|Delete the entire scrollback.|
 +|[[window_goto|window goto]]|Switch to the window, counting from the top of screen|
 +|[[window_grow|window grow]]|Increase the size of the window.|
 +|[[window_hide|window hide]]|Remove a window from the screen.|
 +|[[window_hide_others|window hide_others]]|Make this window the only one on the screen.|
 +|[[window_hold_interval|window hold_interval]]|How often the status bar updates when holding stuff in this window.|
 +|[[window_hold_mode|window hold_mode]]|Stop displaying stuff to the window, but save it in the scrollback.|
 +|[[window_hold_slider|window hold_slider]]|How much to scroll down when you hit <​enter>​.|
 +|[[window_indent|window indent]]|Overrule [[set indent]] for this window.|
 +|[[window_kill|window kill]]|Delete a window you don't want any more.|
 +|[[window_kill_all_hidden|window kill_all_hidden]]|Delete all of the hidden (invisible) windows.|
 +|[[window_kill_others|window kill_others]]|Make this the only window left for the whole client.|
 +|[[window_killable|window killable]]|Forbid the killing of this window.|
 +|[[window_killswap|window killswap]]|Kill this window, and swap in an invisible window in its place.|
 +|[[window_last|window last]]|Go back to the previous current window, but not if it's hidden.|
 +|[[window_lastlog|window lastlog]]|How many logical lines of output to save.|
 +|[[window_lastlog_level|window lastlog_level]]|What levels of output should be saved to the lastlog.|
 +|[[window_level|window level]]|What levels of output should be sent to this window.|
 +|[[window_list|window list]]|Describe all the windows.|
 +|[[window_log|window log]]|Turn on or off the window'​s log file.|
 +|[[window_logfile|window logfile]]|Change the window'​s log filename.|
 +|[[window_move|window move]]|Move the window up or down on the screen.|
 +|[[window_move_to|window move_to]]|Move the window to the Nth place, counting from the top of the screen.|
 +|[[window_name|window name]]|Change the window'​s name.|
 +|[[window_new|window new]]|Create a new window, splitting a visible window in half.|
 +|[[window_new_hide|window new_hide]]|Create a new hidden window.|
 +|[[window_next|window next]]|Swap the current window with the hidden window with the next higher refnum.|
 +|[[window_noserv|window noserv]]|Disassociate the window from the server.|
 +|[[window_notified|window notified]]|Toggle whether the window is notifying that it has output since it's been hidden.|
 +|[[window_notify|window notify]]|Toggle whether the window should notify you when it has output while it's hidden.|
 +|[[window_notify_level|window notify_level]]|Toggle what types of output cause the window to notify you while it's hidden.|
 +|[[window_notify_name|window notify_name]]|What the window'​s name looks like on the status bar when it's notifying you.|
 +|[[window_number|window number]]|Change the window'​s refnum.|
 +|[[window_pop|window pop]]|Go back to the window you last [[window push]]ed.|
 +|[[window_previous|window previous]]|Swap the current window with the hidden window with the next lower refnum.|
 +|[[window_prompt|window prompt]]|What the input prompt should be for this window, if we are [[query]]ing an [[exec]]ed process.|
 +|[[window_push|window push]]|Save the current window'​s refnum onto a stack.|
 +|[[window_query|window query]]|Change the window'​s current query target.|
 +|[[window_rebuild_scrollback|window rebuild_scrollback]]|Throw away the scrollback buffer, and rebuild it from the lastlog.|
 +|[[window_refnum|window refnum]]|Change the current window to another visible window.|
 +|[[window_refnum_or_swap|window refnum_or_swap]]|Change the current window to another visible window, swapping it in if necessary.|
 +|[[window_refresh|window refresh]]|Redraw the window.|
 +|[[window_rejoin|window rejoin]]|Join a channel on a window'​s server, putting it in whichever window claims it.|
 +|[[window_remove|window remove]]|Remove a nick from the window'​s query list.|
 +|[[window_scrolladj|window scrolladj]]|Whether to insert space at the bottom, or pull scrollback back down from the top when a window grows in size.|
 +|[[window_scrollback|window scrollback]]|How big the window'​s scrollback buffer should be.|
 +|[[window_scroll_backward|window scroll_backward]]|Go back some number of lines in scrollback.|
 +|[[window_scroll_end|window scroll_end]]|Go to the end (newest) of the scrollback.|
 +|[[window_scroll_forward|window scroll_forward]]|Go forward some number of lines in scrollback.|
 +|[[window_scroll_start|window scroll_start]]|Go to the start (oldest) of the scrollback. |
 +|[[window_search_back|window search_back]]|Go backwards in scrollback to find a string.|
 +|[[window_search_forward|window search_forward]]|Go forwards in scrollback to find a string.|
 +|[[window_server|window server]]|Change which server this window is associated with.|
 +|[[window_show|window show]]|Make a hidden window visible (by splitting a visible window)|
 +|[[window_show_all|window show_all]]|Make all hidden windows visible (by splitting visible windows)|
 +|[[window_shrink|window shrink]]|Make a window smaller|
 +|[[window_size|window size]]|Set the window size to an absolute value.|
 +|[[window_skip|window skip]]|Can [[bind next_window]] move to this window?|
 +|[[window_stack|window stack]]|Show the refnums saved on the stack.|
 +|[[window_status_format|window status_format]]|The status line for a single line status bar.|
 +|[[window_status_format1|window status_format1]]|The bottom line of a double line status bar.|
 +|[[window_status_format2|window status_format2]]|The top line of a double line status bar.|
 +|[[window_status_special|window status_special]]|What %. should be on this window'​s status bar.|
 +|[[window_swap|window swap]]|Make this window invisible, and make a hidden window visible, taking its place.|
 +|[[window_swappable|window swappable]]|Change you change the visibility of this window? (Ie, hide a visible window)|
 +|[[window_topline|window topline]]|How many toplines show in this window?|
 +|[[window_toplines|window toplines]]|Change one of the window'​s toplines.|
 +|[[window_unclear|window unclear]]|Push down the scrollback so it's visible in the window.|
 +|[[xdebug_command|xdebug]]|Change some internal debugging flags.|
 +|[[xecho]]|Output to a window, with flags|
 +|[[xeval]]|Run some commands, with flags.|
 +|[[xquote]]|Send a string to the server, with flags.|
 +|[[xtype]]|Type some text, with flags.|
 +|[[abs]]|Absolute Value of number|
 +|[[acos]]|Arc Cosine of number|
 +|[[acosh]]|Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine of number|
 +|[[after]]|Return string after a character|
 +|[[afterw]]|Return words in list after a word.|
 +|[[aliasctl]]|Low level manipulation on aliases and assigns.|
 +|[[ascii]]|Convert strings to codepoints (numbers).|
 +|[[asciiq]]|Convert url-encoded strings to codepoints.|
 +|[[asin]]|Arc Sine of number|
 +|[[asinh]]|Inverse Hyperbolic Sine of number|
 +|[[atan]]|Arctangent of number|
 +|[[atanh]]|Inverse Hyperbolic Sine of number.|
 +|[[b64decode]]|Convert Base64 into a string.|
 +|[[b64encode]]|Covnert a string into Base64.|
 +|[[before]]|Return string before a character.|
 +|[[beforew]]|Return words in list before a word.|
 +|[[bindctl]]|Low level manipulation of keybindings.|
 +|[[builtin_expando]]|Call a builtin-expando directly.|
 +|[[ceil]]|Ceiling of number|
 +|[[center]]|Pad a string with spaces to center it.|
 +|[[cexist]]|Does a command exist?|
 +|[[chanmode]]|What is the mode of a channel?|
 +|[[channel_function|channel]]|Summarize users on channel (op, voice, nick)|
 +|[[chanusers]]|Who is on a channel?|
 +|[[chanwin]]|What window is this channel in?|
 +|[[chmod]]|Change a file's permissions.|
 +|[[chngw]]|Change a word in a word list.|
 +|[[chop]]|Remove chars from end of string.|
 +|[[chops]]|Who is a chanop on a channel?|
 +|[[chr]]|Convert codepoints (numbers) into strings.|
 +|[[chrq]]|Convert codepoints (numbers) into url-encoded strings.|
 +|[[cipher]]|What cipher is the (ssl) server connection using?|
 +|[[close]]|Close an [[open]] file.|
 +|[[cofilter]]|Return words from 2nd variable, based on which words in 1st variable aren't matched by a pattern.|
 +|[[common]]|Return words common to two word lists.|
 +|[[connect_function|connect]]|Establish a [[dcc raw]] socket connection.|
 +|[[convert]]|Convert a hostname to paddr, or paddr to hostname.|
 +|[[copattern]]|Return words from 2nd variable, based on which words in 1st variable are matched by a pattern.|
 +|[[corfilter]]|Return words from 2nd variable, based on which patterns in 1st variable don't match a string.|
 +|[[corpattern]]|Return words from 2nd variable, based on which patterns in 1st variable match a string.|
 +|[[cos]]|Cosine of number.|
 +|[[cosh]]|Hyperbolic Cosine of number.|
 +|[[count]]|Count the number of instances of character in string.|
 +|[[cparse]]|Convert markup codes into color codes.|
 +|[[crypt]]|Encrypt a string with crypt(3) (ie, DES)|
 +|[[curcmd]]|The current ircII command or alias that is running.|
 +|[[curpos]]|Where the cursor is in $L (the input line)|
 +|[[currchans]]|All current channels for the server.|
 +|[[dbmctl]]|External hash table support.|
 +|[[dccctl]]|Low level manipulation of your dccs.|
 +|[[decode]]|Recover a string passed to [[encode]].|
 +|[[delarray]]|Delete an entire Karll array.|
 +|[[delitem]]|Remove an item from a Karll array by item number.|
 +|[[delitems]]|Remove items from a Karll array by item numbers.|
 +|[[deuhc]]|Remove the wildcard part of a nick!user@host string.|
 +|[[diff]]|Return the words that exist only in one of two word lists.|
 +|[[encode]]|Convert any string into something you can use in a variable name.|
 +|[[encryptparm]]|Return info about one of your [[crypt]] sessions.|
 +|[[eof]]|Is the [[open]] file at end-of-file?​|
 +|[[epic]]|Returns 1, because you're using epic!|
 +|[[exec_function|exec]]|Run a unix command in a subshell, returning three [[open]] fds.|
 +|[[exp]]|Exponent operation (x %%**%% y)|
 +|[[ferror]]|Does the [[open]] file have an error condition?|
 +|[[fexist]]|Does a filename exist?|
 +|[[filter]]|Return all words that don't match a pattern.|
 +|[[finditem]]|The item number of any instance of an item in a Karll array.|
 +|[[finditems]]|The item number of all instances of an item in a Karll array.|
 +|[[findw]]|Return the first [[word]] index of a word in a list.|
 +|[[findws]]|Return all of the [[word]] indexes of a word in a list.|
 +|[[fix_arglist]]|Convert a string into something you can use as an arglist to an alias or on.|
 +|[[floodinfo]]|Get information about floods being tracked.|
 +|[[floor]]|Largest integral number less than or equal to number.|
 +|[[fnexist]]|Does a built in function exist?|
 +|[[frewind]]|Reset an [[open]] file back to the beginning.|
 +|[[fromw]]|Return a words in a list starting with a word.|
 +|[[fseek]]|Change the read/write position of an [[open]] file.|
 +|[[fsize]]|How many bytes big is a file?|
 +|[[fskip]]|Skip lines in an [[open]] file.|
 +|[[ftell]]|Where in an [[open]] file am I?|
 +|[[ftime]]|When was a file last modified? (mtime)|
 +|[[ftruncate]]|Delete the contents of a file, but not the file itself.|
 +|[[functioncall]]|Is this alias being called as a function or as a command?|
 +|[[geom]]|What is the size of the screen?|
 +|[[getarrays]]|Get the name of all active Karll arrays.|
 +|[[getcap]]|Low-level capability information.|
 +|[[getcommands]]|Pattern match command names.|
 +|[[getenv]]|Get an environment variable.|
 +|[[getfunctions]]|Pattern match function names.|
 +|[[getgid]]|What is my primary user group? (GID)|
 +|[[getitem]]|Get an item number from a Karll array.|
 +|[[getlogin]]|What username am I running under?|
 +|[[getmatches]]|A word list of all item numbers that match in a Karll array of strings.|
 +|[[getopt]]|Process command line arguments.|
 +|[[getpgrp]]|What process group am I in?|
 +|[[getrmatches]]|A word list of all item numbers that match in a Karll array of patterns.|
 +|[[getserial]]|Get a serial number that isn't in use.|
 +|[[getset]]|Get the value of a [[set]].|
 +|[[getsets]]|Pattern match set names.|
 +|[[gettmatch]]|Return the best item match from a Karll array.|
 +|[[getuid]]|What is my user id? (UID)|
 +|[[glob]]|Pattern match filenames.|
 +|[[globi]]|Pattern match filenames, case insensitively.|
 +|[[hash_32bit]]|Convert a string to a 32 bit integer.|
 +|[[hookctl]]|Low-level manipulation of your [[on]]s.|
 +|[[idle]]|How many seconds since a key was last pressed? (Same as $E)|
 +|[[ifindfirst]]|Return the **first** item number of an item in a Karll array.|
 +|[[ifinditem]]|The index number of the first instance of an item in a Karll array.|
 +|[[ifinditems]]|The index number of all instances of an item in a Karll array.|
 +|[[igetitem]]|Get an index number from a Karll array.|
 +|[[igetmatches]]|A word list of all index numbers that match in a Karll array of strings.|
 +|[[igetrmatches]]|A word list of all index numbers that match in a Karll array of patterns.|
 +|[[ignorectl]]|Low-level manipulation of your [[ignore]]s.|
 +|[[index]]|Return the position of a char in a string.|
 +|[[indextoitem]]|Convert a Karll array index number to an item number.|
 +|[[indextoword]]|What word in list contains the '​index'​th character?|
 +|[[info_function|info]]|Return structured information about the client.|
 +|[[insert]]|Insert a word into a string at the "​index"​th character.|
 +|[[insertw]]|Insert a word into a list.|
 +|[[iptolong]]|Convert a p-addr to a 32 bit long integer (for dcc).|
 +|[[iptoname]]|Resolve the canonical hostname of a p-addr.|
 +|[[irclib]]|Where is the standard irc library directory?|
 +|[[isalpha]]|Does this string start with an a-z A-Z character?|
 +|[[isaway]]|Am I away on a server?|
 +|[[ischannel]]|Is this a valid channel name on a server?|
 +|[[ischanop]]|Is this person a chanop (+o) on a channel?|
 +|[[ischanvoice]]|Is this person a channel voice (+v) on a channel?|
 +|[[isconnected]]|Am I registered to this server?|
 +|[[iscurchan]]|Is this channel a current channel on this server?|
 +|[[isdigit]]|Does this string start with a digit?|
 +|[[isdisplaying]]|Is output being suppressed (ie, with %%^)?%%|
 +|[[isencrypted]]|Am I connected to this server using ssl?|
 +|[[isfilevalid]]|Can I use this fd in file manipulation functions?|
 +|[[ishalfop]]|Is this person a channel half-op (+h) on a channel?|
 +|[[isnumber]]|Is this string a number that is valid in this base?|
 +|[[itemtoindex]]|Convert a Karll array item number to an index number.|
 +|[[jn]]|Bessel function of the first kind of the order N.  Um, yea.|
 +|[[joinstr]]|Create a word list by joining words in each of 2 variables.|
 +|[[jot]]|Create a list of numbers, suitable for iterating over.|
 +|[[json_error]]|Return error string set by the last call to [[json_explode]].|
 +|[[json_explode]]|Parse a JSON string and expand it into an assign variable structure.|
 +|[[json_implode]]|Serialise an assign variable structure into a JSON string.|
 +|[[key]]|What is the channel key of a channel?|
 +|[[killpid]]|Kill a unix process.|
 +|[[lastlog_function|lastlog]]|Search the lastlog and return matching lines as values I can pass to [[line]].|
 +|[[left]]|Return the first N characters of a string.|
 +|[[leftpc]]|Return the longest initial part of the string that contains N printable characters.|
 +|[[leftw]]|Return the first N words of a word list.|
 +|[[levelctl]]|Low-level manipulation of window/​lastlog/​flood/​ignore levels.|
 +|[[levelwindow]]|Which window owns this level?|
 +|[[line]]|Return a line from the lastlog.|
 +|[[listarray]]|Describe the contents of a Karll array.|
 +|[[listen]]|Open a server tcp socket.|
 +|[[loadinfo]]|What file is loading right now?|
 +|[[log_function|log]]|Natural logarithm of a number.|
 +|[[log10]]|Base-10 logarithm of a number.|
 +|[[logctl]]|Low-level manipulation of logfiles.|
 +|[[longtoip]]|Convert a 32 bit integer (from DCC) into a p-addr.|
 +|[[mask]]|Normalize a string into a nick!user@host pattern for banning.|
 +|[[match]]|Return the string that is best matched by a pattern.|
 +|[[matchitem]]|The item number of the best string match in a Karll array.|
 +|[[maxlen]]|Return the [[strlen]] of the longest word in list.|
 +|[[metric_time]]|Return the current time in (days, millidays)|
 +|[[mid]]|Return a substring of a string.|
 +|[[midw]]|Return a subset of the words in a list.|
 +|[[mkdir]]|Make a directory.|
 +|[[mktime]]|Convert (Year,​ to a [[time]].|
 +|[[msar]]|Multiple Search And Replace on a string.|
 +|[[mychannels]]|What channels am I on this server?|
 +|[[myservers]]|What severs am I connected to?|
 +|[[nametoip]]|Convert a hostname to its canonical p-addr (ip address)|
 +|[[nochops]]|Who is not a channel operator?|
 +|[[nohighlight]]|Convert highlight characters to reverse chars, the way it's done on the input prompt.|
 +|[[notify_function|notify]]|Low level manipulation of your notifies.|
 +|[[notifywindows]]|Which hidden windows are notifying they have output?|
 +|[[notw]]|Remove a word from a list.|
 +|[[numarrays]]|How many Karll arrays are active?|
 +|[[numitems]]|The number of items in a Karll array.|
 +|[[numlines]]|How many lines on the display would this string take up if you [[echo]]d it?|
 +|[[numonchannel]]|How many people are on the channel>​|
 +|[[numsort]]|Sort a string, honoring numerical order.|
 +|[[numwords]]|How many words are in this word list?|
 +|[[onchannel]]|Is this person on the channel?|
 +|[[open]]|Open a file for reading or writing.|
 +|[[outputinfo]]|What is the current output target and output level?|
 +|[[pad]]|Add chars to a string to make it a certain length.|
 +|[[pass]]|Remove all but certain characters from a string.|
 +|[[pattern]]|Return all words from list that are matched by pattern.|
 +|[[perl_function|perl]]|Run some code in perl.|
 +|[[perlcall]]|Call a perl function (simple form)|
 +|[[perlxcall]]|Call a perl function (advanced form)|
 +|[[pid]]|What is the process id?|
 +|[[pop_function|pop]]|Remove the last word from a variable.|
 +|[[ppid]]|What is my parent'​s process id?|
 +|[[prefix]]|What is the common leading substring on all of the words in a list?|
 +|[[printlen]]|How many columns on the screen does this string take up?|
 +|[[push_function|push]]|Add a word to the end of a variable.|
 +|[[querywin]]|Which window claims this nick as a query?|
 +|[[qword]]|Get a word from a list as a qword (so it can be used as a dword)|
 +|[[rand]]|Get a random number.|
 +|[[randread]]|Read a random line from a file.|
 +|[[read]]|Read a line from an [[open]] file.|
 +|[[realpath]]|What is the canonical pathname for this file?|
 +|[[regcomp]]|Compile a regular expression.|
 +|[[regcomp_cs]]|Compile a regular expression, case insensitively.|
 +|[[regerror]]|Did this regular expression fail?|
 +|[[regexec]]|Match a compiled regular expression against a string.|
 +|[[regfree]]|Release a compiled regular expression.|
 +|[[regmatches]]|Match a compiled regular expression against a string, returning all backreferences.|
 +|[[remw]]|Remove a certain word from a word list.|
 +|[[remws]]|Remove several certain words from a word list.|
 +|[[rename]]|Rename a file.|
 +|[[repeat_function|repeat]]|Repeat a string several times.|
 +|[[rest]]|Return a string starting with a certain character position.|
 +|[[restw]]|Return a word list starting with a certain word.|
 +|[[reverse]]|Reverse the order of characters in a string.|
 +|[[revw]]|Reverse the order of words in a string.|
 +|[[rfilter]]|Return all of the patterns from a list that don't match a string.|
 +|[[right]]|Return the last few characters in a string.|
 +|[[rightw]]|Return the last few words in a word list.|
 +|[[rindex]]|Return the character position of the last instance of a char in a string.|
 +|[[rmatch]]|Return the best pattern from a list that matches a string.|
 +|[[rmatchitem]]|The item number of the best pattern in a Karll array.|
 +|[[rmdir]]|Remove a directory.|
 +|[[rpattern]]|Return all of the patterns from a list that matches a string.|
 +|[[rsubstr]]|Find the last instance of a substring in a larger string.|
 +|[[ruby_function|ruby]]|Run some code using ruby.|
 +|[[sar]]|Search And Replace a string in a larger string.|
 +|[[sedcrypt]]|Crypt/​Decrypt a string as though sending it to a person.|
 +|[[serverctl]]|Low-level manipulation of servers.|
 +|[[serverwin]]|What is the current window for a server?|
 +|[[servports]]|Return the remote and local portnum for a server connection.|
 +|[[setitem]]|Set an item in a Karll Array.|
 +|[[sha256]]|SHA256 message digest of a string (Strong crypto hashing).|
 +|[[shift_function|shift]]|Remove the first word from a variable.|
 +|[[shiftbrace]]|Remove and return the {...} at the start of a variable.|
 +|[[sin]]|Sine of number.|
 +|[[sinh]]|Hyperbolic Sine of number.|
 +|[[sort]]|Sort a word list case insensitively.|
 +|[[splice]]|Remove some words, and insert new words, into a word list.|
 +|[[split]]|Convert characters to spaces in a string.|
 +|[[srand]]|Seed the random number generator.|
 +|[[ssl]]|Was this client compiled with ssl support?|
 +|[[startupfile]]|What file did the client load at startup?|
 +|[[stat]]|Return info about a file.|
 +|[[status_function|status]]|Get the status bar.|
 +|[[stime]]|Human readable form of the time.|
 +|[[strftime]]|Format the current time any way you want.|
 +|[[strptime]]|Convert a string into a unix timestamp.|
 +|[[strip]]|Remove characters from a string.|
 +|[[stripansi]]|Convert codepoints 14-33 except 15 and 22 in a string to "​safe"​ codepoints.|
 +|[[stripansicodes]]|The same as $stripcrap(NORMALIZE $*)|
 +|[[stripc]]|The same as $stripcrap(COLOR $*)|
 +|[[stripcrap]]|[[mangle types|Mangle]] a string.|
 +|[[strlen]]|The number of characters in a string.|
 +|[[strtol]]|Convert a baseN number to base10, 2 <= N <= 36.|
 +|[[substr]]|Find a substring in a larger string.|
 +|[[symbolctl]]|Low level manipulation of aliases, assigns, builtin commands, builtin functions, builtin expandos, and builtin variables ([[set]]s).|
 +|[[tan]]|Tangent of number.|
 +|[[tanh]]|Hyperbolic Tangent.|
 +|[[tcl_function|tcl]]|Run some code using tcl.|
 +|[[tdiff]]|Number converted to hours-minutes-seconds (long form)|
 +|[[tdiff2]]|Number converted to hours-minutes-seconds (short form)|
 +|[[time_function|time]]|What is the current time, in whole seconds?|
 +|[[timerctl]]|Low-level manipulation of [[timer]]s.|
 +|[[tobase]]|Convert a base10 number to another base.|
 +|[[tolower]]|Convert a string to lowercase.|
 +|[[toupper]]|Convert a string to uppercase.|
 +|[[tow]]|Return a word list up to and including a word.|
 +|[[tr]]|Change characters in a string.|
 +|[[trunc]]|Round a floating point numbers to a certain number of decimal places.|
 +|[[ttyname]]|What tty am I using?|
 +|[[twiddle]]|Expand a pathnames that contains a ~ for homedirs.|
 +|[[uhc]]|Convert a string into a full nick!user@host format.|
 +|[[umask]]|Change the default umask for newly created files.|
 +|[[uname]]|Tell me about the unix I'm using.|
 +|[[uniq]]|Remove duplicates from a word list.|
 +|[[unlink]]|Remove a file.|
 +|[[unshift_function|unshift]]|Add a string to the start of a string.|
 +|[[unsplit]]|Convert a dword list into a uword list using a seperator.|
 +|[[urldecode]]|Convert a string from url format into normal.|
 +|[[urlencode]]|Convert a string into url format.|
 +|[[userhost_function|userhost]]|What is the userhost of a nickname or current message?|
 +|[[usermode]]|What is my usermode?|
 +|[[usetitem]]|Set an item in a Karll array (faster)|
 +|[[utime_function|utime]]|What is the current time, including usec?|
 +|[[version_function|version]]|What is the server version?|
 +|[[which_function|which]]|Path search for a file.|
 +|[[winchan]]|Translate between current channel and window refnum.|
 +|[[windowctl]]|Low-level manipulation of windows.|
 +|[[word]]|Get a word from a word list.|
 +|[[wordtoindex]]|Which [[index]] position does this word start at?|
 +|[[write]]|Write a line to an [[open]] file.|
 +|[[writeb]]|Write some binary data to an [[open]] file.|
 +|[[xdebug_function|xdebug]]|Manipulate the xdebug flags.|
 +|[[xform]]|Transform a string from one form to another.|
 +|[[yn]]|Bessel function of the second kind for integer order n.|
 +|[[2.8script]]|Full featured join/leave aliases, and an on 367 handler.|
 +|[[activity]]|An example of how to use generalized activity handling.|
 +|[[addset]]|Create and destroy your own [[set]]s.|
 +|[[altchan]]|Implement <​alt>​-<​number>​ window switching like bx.|
 +|[[autoget]]|Control what kinds of [[dcc get]]s you want to auto-get.|
 +|[[autojoin]]|Automatically join channels when you (re-)connect to server.|
 +|[[autoquery]]|Automatically create a new querywin when someone msgs you.|
 +|[[builtins]]|Top-level script for compatability with EPIC4. ​ Must load!|
 +|[[chanmonitor]]|Displays output of non-current channels in hidden windows to a special visible window.|
 +|[[commandqueues]]|Time-delay processing queues.|
 +|[[country]]|Convert between country codes and country names.|
 +|[[data_array]]|This is a work in progress.|
 +|[[data_struct]]|This is a work in progress.|
 +|[[dcc_ports]]|Specify a port range to be used automatically for [[DCC]]s|
 +|[[debug.irc]]|Aliases to help you debug/tune your script.|
 +|[[dump]]|Simulate the dump command from EPIC4.|
 +|[[edit_topic]]|Edit the topic of the current channel.|
 +|[[epic-crypt-gpg]]|A shell script to use with [[crypt]].|
 +|[[epic-crypt-gpg-aa]]|A shell script to use with [[crypt]].|
 +|[[files]]|Examples of what you can do with [[open]] files.|
 +|[[floodprot]]|Implement outbound flood protection.|
 +|[[functions_script|functions]]|Some utility commands and aliases.|
 +|[[global]]|The script you should load in your epicrc.|
 +|[[grep]]|An example of how to grep a file with [[open]].|
 +|[[guh]]|A few aliases for userhost, ison, and channels.|
 +|[[help]]|Peruse the old style help files.|
 +|[[highlight]]|Imlement something like the old "​highlight ignores"​.|
 +|[[history]]|Command history. ​ Must load!|
 +|[[hold_mode]]|Fully enable ircII-like hold mode behavior.|
 +|[[ison]]|Low-level interface to the ison queue.|
 +|[[less]]|Peruse a file page by page.|
 +|[[less-pipe]]|Peruse an [[exec]] process output page by page.|
 +|[[loadformats]]|A theming facility.|
 +|[[local.examp]]|An example of the local customization file.|
 +|[[mail]]|Check multiple mboxes at once.|
 +|[[man]]|A front end to the old help command.|
 +|[[map_script|map]]|A client-side implementation of the [[map]] command.|
 +|[[meta-compat]]|Backwards compatability for scripts that bound META keybindings.|
 +|[[motd_script]]|A client side message-of-the-day script.|
 +|[[netsplit]]|Handle netsplits and netjoins without flooding your screen.|
 +|[[newaway]]|Only see other people'​s away messages once.|
 +|[[newnick]]|Automatically generate new nicknames when server requires you to change your nickname.|
 +|[[nickcomp]]|Automatic nickname completion for channel text.|
 +|[[nopaste]]|Prohibit accidental paste flooding.|
 +|[[notify_script|notify]]|A scripted implementation of [[notify]]|
 +|[[paste]]|Allow a special paste mode for paste flooding.|
 +|[[pipe_script|pipe]]|Implement the function [[pipe_function|pipe]] that returns the output from an [[exec]] command.|
 +|[[reconnect_script|reconnect]]|Automatically reconnect to servers when disconnected.|
 +|[[renumber]]|Automatically renumber your window refnums so there are no gaps.|
 +|[[revdcc]]|Reverse dcc for those behind a firewall.|
 +|[[save]]|Save your settings to a file you can [[load]] later.|
 +|[[scan]]|Summarize the current channel.|
 +|[[screen]]|Switch between windows like gnu screen does.|
 +|[[setmail]]|Support multiple status formats for mail.|
 +|[[slowcat]]|Dump a file to current target, very slowly.|
 +|[[snip]]|Remove substrings from the start or end of a string.|
 +|[[sping]]|Ping a server.|
 +|[[suppressmotd]]|Don'​t be bothered with the server'​s motd.|
 +|[[tabkey.ce]]|Crazyeddy'​s and Fudd's tabkey script.|
 +|[[]]|Jm'​s tabkey script.|
 +|[[utime_script|utime]]|Functions for manipulating [[utime]]s.|
 +======Special Topics======
 +|[[about_epic]]|Information about the EPIC project and software.|
 +|[[arglist]]|How alias argument lists look and work.|
 +|[[arrays]]|How Karll arrays work.|
 +|[[atomic_scope]]|Atomic scope and local variables.|
 +|[[block]]|The basis of ircII syntax is the block.|
 +|[[command_line]]|What options can I pass at the command line?|
 +|[[commands_overview]]|What are all the commands?|
 +|[[compile_opts]]|How can I tell what options were set at compiled time?|
 +|[[copyright]]|What is the copyright and license for the client?|
 +|[[debugging]]|How do I debug my script?|
 +|[[default_keybindings]]|Information about what [[BIND]] -DEFAULT does|
 +|[[disambiguation]]|A template file we use for disambiguation pages.|
 +|[[environment_variables]]|What environment variables does EPIC honor?|
 +|[[etiquette]]|How should I behave on irc?|
 +|[[expando_substitution]]|How do $'s get expanded?|
 +|[[expandos]]|Even more about how $'s get expanded.|
 +|[[expressions]]|How math expressions work.|
 +|[[flood_control]]|How does flood control work?|
 +|[[functions_overview]]|What are the built in functions?|
 +|[[glossary]]|This is a work in progress.|
 +|[[graphics_chars]]|How to use alternate character set to echo box chars|
 +|[[input_handling]]|How the client handles your keypresses.|
 +|[[introduction]]|A crash course on using irc.|
 +|[[ipv6]]|Things you need to know about using ipv6.|
 +|[[ircii_syntax]]|How the ircII language works.|
 +|[[ircuser]]|Why can't I just set my username to anything I want?|
 +|[[karll_arrays]]|What karll arrays are and how they work.|
 +|[[key_bindings]]|How you can represent keybindings.|
 +|[[levels]]|All about window/​lastlog/​ignore/​flood levels.|
 +|[[lval]]|About lvalues, things you can assign values to (variable names)|
 +|[[mangle_types]]|All about removing highlights in strings.|
 +|[[math_operators]]|All operators and their priority and associativity|
 +|[[memory_usage]]|What causes high memory usage and what you can do about it.|
 +|[[new_user]]|A crash course to the absolute beginner to irc.|
 +|[[output-help]]|How the client sends output to your emulator.|
 +|[[pass-through_command]]|Commands that are set to the server directly.|
 +|[[patterns]]|How wildcard pattern matching works.|
 +|[[pf_loader]]|All about using the pf (pre-formatted) loader.|
 +|[[programming]]|A crash course in ircII programming.|
 +|[[quoting_hell]]|What is quoting hell and how do I make it work for me?|
 +|[[random_numbers]]|How the client generates random numbers.|
 +|[[regex]]|How regular expressions work in EPIC.|
 +|[[referring_to_servers]]|How am I allowed to refer to servers?|
 +|[[rules_about_number_arguments]]|How numbers passed to built-in functions are handled.|
 +|[[security]]|Thinking about security in your script.|
 +|[[serial_numbers]]|How serial numbers work for on hooks.|
 +|[[server_description]]|What constitutes a server description?​|
 +|[[server_list]]|How to build your own server list file.|
 +|[[server_numerics]]|How the client handles server numerics.|
 +|[[server_state]]|All about the various server status states.|
 +|[[signals]]|Signals that the client handles and what they do.|
 +|[[space_character]]|What constitutes a space character?|
 +|[[special_vars]]|Info about $ expandos, and a list of the inline expandos.|
 +|[[standard_loader]]|All about using the std (standard) loader.|
 +|[[start]]|This file!|
 +|[[status_line]]|All you need to know about the status bar.|
 +|[[text_hilight]]|Bold,​ and Underline, and Color, and Reverse, oh my!|
 +|[[using_perl]]|What you need to know to use perl.|
 +|[[using_symbolctl]]|Create your own sets, command completion, other neat stuff|
 +|[[welcome]]|Welcome to EPIC!|
 +|[[what_is_a_word]]|When something is a "​word",​ what does that mean?|
 +|[[why_no_utf8]]|Why doesn'​t the client support utf8 yet?|
 +|[[window_activity_handling]]|How hidden windows decide when to tell you they have output.|
 +|[[window_targets]]|What is a "​target"​ and how do windows use them?|
 +======Non-existent stuff======
 +These things exist in EPIC4, but they don't in EPIC5. ​  I need to do some
 +work to point you in the right direction for replacements for these things.
 +Many of the functions previously built in now live in the [[builtins]] script.
 +=====Help files exist for non-existent scripts=====
 +=====Help files exist for non-existent commands=====
 +|[[bind_command_completion]]|Command completion handled by tabkey scripts |
 +|[[bind_backward_history]]|Implemented by [[history script]].|
 +|[[bind_forward_history]]|Implemented by [[history script]].|
 +|[[bind_shove_to_history]]|Implemented by [[history script]].|
 +|[[bye]]|Use [[quit]] instead. |
 +|[[set_alt_charset]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead. |
 +|[[set_auto_new_nick]]|Use the [[newnick]] script instead. |
 +|[[set_auto_reconnect]]|Implemented by [[reconnect script]].|
 +|[[set_auto_reconnect_delay]]|Implemented by [[reconnect script]].|
 +|[[set_auto_rejoin]]|Imlpemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_auto_rejoin_connect]]|Handled differently by [[reconnect script]].|
 +|[[set_auto_rejoin_delay]]|Implemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_auto_unmark_away]]|Implemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_auto_whowas]]|Implemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_bad_style]]|This was never implemented. |
 +|[[set_beep_max]]|The client only ever beeps once anyways. |
 +|[[set_beep_on_msg]]|The [[builtins]] script implements this. |
 +|[[set_beep_when_away]]|The [[builtins]] script implements this. |
 +|[[set_blink_video]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead.|
 +|[[set_bold_video]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead.|
 +|[[set_color]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead.|
 +|[[set_command_mode]]|Implemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_connect_timeout]]|Obsoleted by nonblocking connects.|
 +|[[set_dcc_timeout]]|Implemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_display_ansi]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead.|
 +|[[set_display_pc_characters]]|The client no longer supports non-8-bit terminals. |
 +|[[set_eight_bit_characters]]|The client no longer supports non-8-bit terminals. |
 +|[[set_full_status_line]]|Implemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_help_pager]]|Implemented by [[help]] script.|
 +|[[set_help_path]]|Implemented by [[help]] script.|
 +|[[set_help_prompt]]|Implemented by [[help]] script.|
 +|[[set_help_window]]|Implemented by [[help]] script.|
 +|[[set_highlight_char]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead.|
 +|[[set_history]]|Implemented by the [[history]] script.|
 +|[[set_history_circleq]]|Implemented by the [[history]] script.|
 +|[[set_input_aliases]]|An obsolete setting.|
 +|[[set_inverse_video]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead.|
 +|[[set_max_reconnects]]|An obsolete setting.|
 +|[[set_meta_states]]|An obsolete setting.|
 +|[[set_nd_space_max]]|There was never a point to this. |
 +|[[set_notify_handler]]|An obsolete setting.|
 +|[[set_random_local_ports]]|An obsolete setting.|
 +|[[set_reverse_status_line]]|Implemented by [[builtins]].|
 +|[[set_scroll]]|An obsolete setting.|
 +|[[set_security]]|An obsolete setting.|
 +|[[set_ssl_certfile]]|This was never impelmented.|
 +|[[set_ssl_keyfile]]|This was never impelmented.|
 +|[[set_ssl_path]]|This was never impelmented.|
 +|[[set_status_truncate_rhs]]|This feature never really worked.|
 +|[[set_suppress_server_motd]]|Implemented by the [[suppressmotd]] script.|
 +|[[set_switch_channel_on_part]]|Channel stacking makes this a moot feature.|
 +|[[set_tab]]|There was never a point to this.|
 +|[[set_tab_max]]|There was never a point to this.|
 +|[[set_underline_video]]|Use [[set mangle_display]] instead.|
 +|[[window_bind]]|Auto-rejoin feature no longer built-in |
 +|[[window_unbind]]|Auto-rejoin feature no longer built-in |
 +|[[window_scratch]]|An obsolete operation. ​ All windows are scratch windows.|
 +|[[window_scroll]]|An obsolete operation. ​ All windows are scrollable.|
 +=====Help files exist for non-existent functions=====
 +|[[fabs]]|Use [[abs]] instead.|
 +|[[getppid]]|This was a mistake; the function is [[pid]]. |
 +|[[igmask]]|Use [[ignorectl]] instead. |
 +|[[igtype]]|Use [[ignorectl]] instead. |
 +|[[lastserver]]|Use [[serverctl]] instead. |
 +|[[rigmask]]|Use [[ignorectl]] instead. |
 +|[[rigtype]]|Use [[ignorectl]] instead. |
 +|[[servergroup]]|Use [[serverctl]] instead. |
 +|[[servername]]|Use [[serverctl]] instead. |
 +|[[servernick]]|Use [[serverctl]] instead. |
 +|[[servernum]]|Use [[serverctl]] instead. |
 +|[[serverourname]]|Use [[serverctl]] instead. |
 +|[[servertype]]|Use [[serverct]] instead. |
 +|[[winbound]]|Auto-rejoin feature no longer built-in |
 +|[[wincursorline]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winlevel]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winline]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winnam]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winnicklist]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winnum]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winquery]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winrefs]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winscreen]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winscrollbacksize]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winserv]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winsize]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winstatsize]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +|[[winvisible]]|Use [[windowctl]] instead. |
 +The end!
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